03 May 2010

Dave Campbell's Trivia For May - Giro d' Italia

Will someone knock Paul Moore off of the Dave Campbell's trivia podium this month? Paul's on a 3 month winning streak and has accumulated over $60.00 in prizes in the last three months. First person to email Trivia@bicyclinghub.com with the correct answers wins a Bicyclinghub.com gift coupon.

Q1. The Italian King of the Mountains is designated with a GREEN jersey. Who has won the most Mountains Titles in the Giro?

Q2. In recent years at the Tour, the Race winner has seldom won the KOM or Points Competitions, but it has happened more frequently at the Giro d’ Italia. Who was the last Giro winner to ALSO win one of the other major classifications?

Q3. Italian Sprinter and Playboy extraordinaire Mario Cipollini received much acclaim back in 2004, when as reigning World Champion he became the all-time Giro STAGE WIN LEADER at 42, just passing the long held (and many thought unassailable Alfredo Binda (yes, the name on your 1980s Cinelli toe straps). Who holds the record for MOST STAGES IN THE LEADERS JERSEY?

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