07 October 2010

Castelli Winter 2010 Top Picks

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1) Castelli Pave Bibtight and Castelli Claudio Bib Short

Here at BicyclingHub.com, we were so impressed with Castelli’s introduction of the Nanoflex fabric in their Pave Bib Tights, Claudio Bib Shorts and Nanoflex arm, leg and knee warmers - that we were hard pressed to pick one item.

Nanoflex is a new fabric exclusively engineered by Castelli. Thousands of tiny silicone nanofilaments coat Castelli’s thermoflex fabric to create one of the most water-repellent fabric finishes we’ve seen! The treatment allows water drops to roll or bounce off of the fabric without leaving any wet spots. The silicone nanofilaments also trap a layer of air between them for added insulation. Each of the Castelli products made using Nanoflex has different areas where they really excel, and we are sure you too will find a favorite amongst the range.

MelissaMelissa Cate

The Pave Bib Tights are a great all-around Winter bib tight made with Castelli's Revolutionary NanoFlex fabric. Through the presence of tiny invisible hairs on the fabric, (like the fuzz on a peach) these bib tights actually allow water to roll right off you! Perfect for keeping you drier in inclement Spring and Fall weather when there's a chance for rain, but it's too warm to wear rain pants. The bib straps on these tights are incredibly comfortable. They also have a very subtle, (but very stylish) Scorpion logo on one hip that I've fallen in love with. Also, these Pave Bib Tights feature Castelli’s popular (and comfortable!) Kiss3 chamois and reflective ankle zippers to boot!

DougDoug Duguay

On September 3, 2010 I left for Montana to ride the Park 2 Park Montana. The temperatures in Montana were unseasonably cold and I didn't pack enough cold weather gear aside from my Castelli Claudio Bib Shorts. Not only were the temperatures down in the 30's in the mornings, we also were in more than one rain shower and we even rode through a hail storm! No problem, the Claudio Bib Shorts, combined with my NanoFlex Arm and Leg warmers, handled it all, keeping me warm and dry and very happy.

2) Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmers, Leg Warmers and Knee Warmers

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Winter-weight warmers are always a great way to extend your wardrobe as well as battle ever-changing weather. With the addition of a lightweight fleece that sheds water from that occasional rain shower, the Claudio Bib Short and Nanoflex arm, knee and leg warmers are multi-season, multi-purpose-you can't go wrong!

BicyclingHub.com has been excited for Nanoflex product to arrive, since we first heard about the new technology earlier this year.

Castelli says:
Roger Hammond, who lives in the heart of Belgium, does most of his winter training in the area around Brussels and also in the UK. Carlos Sastre lives about 1000m above sea-level in the mountains north of Madrid in Spain. Both riders were looking for something to keep them warm and dry during their winter preparation and both are more than happy with Castelli's Nanoflex products for 2010.

“This new water-repellent fabric not only bounce off the water drops, it insulates and wicks the moisture away quickly so I don’t get that cold, clammy feeling any longer.”-Carlos Sastre

3) Trasparente Wind Jersey

The Trasparente was voted "best product Castelli has ever made!” by Castelli’s testers. This jacket features stretchy Gore Windstopper X-Lite fabric on the front and around the neck, providing both wind and water resistance. Castelli Warmer fabric on the rear of the jersey and the sleeves will provide enough warmth with breathability so that you do not overcook in this garment. Castelli has long recognized the importance of Wind Stopper Fabric in their winter riding collection and, based on our collective cool Winter riding experience, we very much share this view.

MelissaMelissa Cate

This jersey is my absolute favorite piece in Castelli's line. Don't think of it as a jersey--think of it as a jersey and jacket in one. With the Windproof front panel and the fleeced back, this jersey keeps you warm in the Winter and is also perfect for cool Spring and Fall riding when it's often windy. It features a flip-up collar for extra neck protection. I love the thumbloop feature on the sleeves which mean that they will never creep and leave your wrists exposed to the cold-brilliant! Well worth the investment when you consider the features and how much it will extend your wardrobe.

4) Women's Invidia Jacket

Don't let cold conditions keep you off the bike! Castelli's Windstopper X-Fast Fabric by Gore stops the wind dead in its tracks, forming a protective barrier that keeps heat IN and cold Winter chills OUT. Not only does Windstopper protect you from the wind, it is also highly breathable and will keep you dry from the inside. The Invidia from Castelli is an eye catching jacket that provides superior protection from the elements.

MelissaMelissa Cate

This jacket feels like luxury! I've quickly become a big fan of it for many reasons. My favorite feature is the wide stretchy elastic waist band in the rear. It made for a very comfortable and complimentary fit. The exterior shell is made of Breathable Gore Wind stopper fabric that offers complete wind protection. The interior of the jacket has a warm brushed fleece that is very nice and adds a lot of warmth without bulk. Additional two-thumbs-up features are a flip-up collar that is great for extra warmth around the neck on the coldest of days and the 2 full sized rear pockets that are slightly slanted for ease of use on the bike. The cut makes it super easy to get items in and out of the pocket, and I'm really impressed with the depth of the pockets on this jacket. It's hard to find women's gear, (especially jackets!) which has pockets that are large enough to hold all you might need on a Winter ride. Two rear reflective tabs further catch the eye, and finish off this great piece nicely!

5) Vincente Donna Glove (Women's) and Pioggia Glove (Men's)

These are the gloves you will need for those day's where your friends ask, "You went out in this weather?!" These should be your go-to gloves for those colder days, to keep your hands nice and cozy on those nippy winter rides. A more padded glove with a warm fleece insulating layer and a waterproof membrane, these gloves will retain heat and keep your hands dry. A no-slip palm means you can keep a good grip on those bars in all kinds of weather.

.Kevin Langton:

Men’s Pioggia Glove

“These certainly are my go-to gloves for the depths of Winter. I'm a long one (6'4") and my extremities tend to get very cold in the winter. I’ve had, and do own, other Winter weight gloves but these are the ones that I find the warmest. They help me make it through January and February here in Portland, without getting frostbitten! Plenty of reflective piping on the back of this glove makes those hand-signalled turns a little more visible to fellow road users on those dark commutes home.”

MelissaMelissa Cate

Women’s Vincente Donna Glove

I product tested this glove all Winter long in 2009/2010. It is another multi-purpose piece that Castelli really excels at. It has great features like ample reflective piping, a longer cuff to keep your wrists warm and a no slip palm. The best feature on this glove is that it protects your fingers from the wind and keeps them nice and warm on colder days without overheating you on warmer days. I wore this glove in a temperature range of 50 degrees right down to colder 25-degree days and I was very comfortable throughout that temperature range. I found it even managed to stay dry in light sprinkles and rain showers!

6) Castelli Leggerezza SG0.6 Jacket

The Leggerezza has been one of the most internationally popular and raved about winter jackets that BicyclingHub.com features. One BicyclingHub.com customer writes, “This is a great jacket. In rain it even feels waterproof. It makes you feel comfortable, warm and dry inside.” The extra-light SG0.6 WIND fabric is made from hollow-core fibers that trap air to provide additional warmth in a jacket that seems impossibly thin and light. We love it's simple but stylish design and multi-season functionality and think you will too!

DougDoug Duguay

Comprised of Windstopper stretch fabric on the front and sleeves and thermal panels designed to keep you warm and dry, this jacket offers 3-season versatility at an affordable price point. A key selling feature are the zip-off removable sleeves (easily stowed in one of its roomy 3 rear pockets), allowing you to readily adapt to changing conditions and ride in comfort. Our customers agree!

7) Castelli MC Wool Long Sleeve Jersey and Castelli Women's Opera Wool Long Sleeve Jersey

The MC Wool jersey is quickly becoming BicyclingHub.com’s number one selling item. Here's why we love this jersey- 70% wool and washable 30% acrylic blend makes this full-zip jersey easy to care for. Complete with three rear pockets.

Castelli Women's Opera Wool Long Sleeve Jersey is great wool blend jersey that is cute cute cute. Classically styled with cool Castelli embroidery on the chest for great looks, it features three back pockets, which are rare for a women's jersey! It also features a 50% Merino Wool and 50% fine gauge washable acrylic blend to make it easy to take care of and give it a great soft feel against the skin.

DougDoug Duguay

“With its cool, modern-meets-retro styling, the Castelli MC Wool Long Sleeve Jersey makes an awesome gift to meet most tastes. This will be our best seller for the Holidays in 2010.”

8) Castelli Polare Bibtight

With an optimal temperature range between 32-46 degrees Fahrenheit, "Baby, it's cold outside" is no longer going to cut it as an excuse for skipping out on a hearty commute or big group ride next time the temperature drops. Castelli's stretchy Windstopper (TM) X-Fast fabric in the front panels provide warmth, wind protection and water repellency, and up to 10 times better breathability than competitors's windproof fabrics.

DougDoug Duguay

Castelli’s warmest bib tight combines Windstopper fabric with their heaviest Thermafleece fabric. Guaranteed to keep you toasty in the most blustery winter weather you dare ride in.

9) Castelli Merino Wool Long Sleeve Baselayer

Here at BicyclingHub.com, we've quickly become a convert to Castelli's Base Layers which help keep you dry, and comfortable. During one of our "Try and Touch" testing sessions," we had a hard time letting these Baselayers out of our hands! Soft to the touch, this ultra fine 100% Australian merino wool doesn’t itch, while keeping you warm and dry. It was a tough choosing just one because Castelli makes some incredible baselayers, including the SG0.6 Wind Shirt, Airco Longsleeve and the Uno Plasma.

.Kevin Langton:

“Beware, Merino Wool is highly addictive.” You have been warned!

10) Castelli Fusione Jacket and Vest

Light, breathable, water-resistant: are all words used to describe the Fusione. This jacket weights about 10 ounces and stuffs neatly in your jersey pocket. With 4 large sized vents and Gore’s highly breathable Windstopper fabric you will never get that clammy feeling inside this jacket and/or vest.

DougDoug Duguay

I've always liked vests for 3 season riding. Castelli's Fusione Vest is the best vest I've ever tried. It fits great and Gore's Windstopper fabric breathes really well keeping me warm and dry. My perfect outfit for the Winter would certainly include a pair of Castelli Claudio bibs, a BicyclingHub.com jersey (by Castelli), Nanoflex Arm Warmers, Nanoflex Leg Warmers and a Castelli Fusione Vest.

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