27 June 2011

Unsure about sizing or brands? Call the cycling clothing experts!

BicyclingHub.com Staff Sizing Guidelines

Need help finding your correct size? All our staff ride in and vigorously test the products we sell. Call our cycling clothing experts toll-free at 1-888-817-8060 or email customerservice@bicyclinghub.com for guidance. OR chat with one of our cycling clothing experts live and in person from the comfort of your keyboard via our new LIVE CHAT feature on BicyclingHub.com. It's easy: just look for the LIVE HELP option on the left-hand column of any page, click "Start Chat" and type your question at hand in the new window.Our customer service representatives would be glad to help you get into the right-sized garment the first time around.

DougDoug wears:
Weighing in at 215 lbs and measuring 6' 2", my husky build had my father rooting towards football rather than bike racing in my teenage years. Over two decades later, my passion for cycling has never wavered. I tend to wear my cycling apparel a bit snug to retain that Euro-racer feel: in Italian designers such as Giordana and Castelli, my brand of preference, I typically wear a size 2XL jersey and size XL bib shorts. In Pearl Izumi, Descente and Primal Wear, which offer a more relaxed cut, a size XL jersey and size Large bib short fits me well. When it comes to Retro Image Apparel and Micro Beer Jerseys, If I'm looking for a snug fit I'll opt for a size XL jersey; if it's a slightly more relaxed fit I'm desiring, I'll choose the Size 2XL. And in Showers Pass jackets, Size XL fits best all-around.

It's widely known around the office I'm a bit "obsessed" with bib shorts; I haven't worn a pair of regular cycling shorts since 1998! I prefer wearing my bibs a little tighter than most recommend, as I find most bibs stretch slightly over time and I can't stand feeling the chamois pad moving around while on the saddle. In addition, I like the shorter leg length, and it helps even out those well-earned tan lines =) When it comes to my favorite chamois pad, I really like both the Castelli KISS 3 and Progetto X2 chamois; often times, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything at all.

KevinKevin wears:
At 6' 4", I typically wear size Large in American-cut brands such as Pearl Izumi in both jerseys and bib shorts; a size XL in brands like Giordana, Retro Image Apparel, and Primal Wear; and size 2XL in European-sized brands such as Castelli, in both their regular and Rosso Corsa lines. For tall and lanky fellows like me, I've found Castelli's race fit jerseys (i.e., Team Garmin-Cervelo or Castelli Punto) with inset sleeves in a size 2XL, or Castelli's raglan-cut jerseys (i.e., Arrivo or Prologo HD) in size XL, to fit best. Due to my height and tapered frame, Castelli bib shorts in size 2XL fit best.

CrystalCrystal wears:
At 5’ 5", roughly 130 lbs--depending on the season--and a track build (bootylicious!) this runner, cyclocrosser and triathlete puts her gear through a lot of wear and tear. I always run with a size Small in Pearl Izumi jerseys, bibs and skinsuits. In Giordana, a size Medium generally fits me very well in both bibs and jerseys. Descente and Shebeest shorts call for a size Medium; when it comes to Castelli jerseys, size Large is a bit loose but a size Medium is a bit snug: depends on your preference. I absolute love the Pearl Izumi Elite line! It really is an amazing bang for your buck, quality fabric and chamois. The fit is always perfect for me and I never feel uncomfortable even when I am putting in lots of quality time in the saddle.

JennJenn wears:
At 5' 7" and medium build with curves the compliment the female figure, I need to pay close attention to manufacturers' guidelines when determining correct sizing in cycling apparel. In American-sized cycling brands, such as Pearl Izumi, Louis Garneau, and Sheila Moon, I wear a size Medium in both shorts and jerseys. In European-sized apparel, such as Castelli, I upgrade in both jerseys and shorts to a women's Large--or, in certain products, such as the Castelli Pave Bibtights, a men's Medium.

BettyBetty wears:
At 5' 6" with definitely some added winter storage, I consider my size a work in progress. I like to wear cycling apparel on the snug side. In our home we call them "shamers." They help motivate oneself to pedal more miles and reap the rewards of looking great from attaining goals. I don't like to return items and refer to the sizing charts to get the correct size the first time. I use clothing as inspiration, kind of a "look-at-me-now" technique. Therefore, I really favor European-sized Castelli brand women's specific items, and size up to a Large in their range of fabulous form-fitting designs. I find that Large fits me perfectly in all their items. I really like the way they contour my body and help shape up my profile by slimming down some undesirable curves. Alternatively, in American-sized brands such as Pearl Izumi and Showers Pass, I will size back down to a Medium for the best fit.

AdrianAdrian wears:
At 5' 11" and weighing around 150 lbs., I fit best in the Euro race-fit clothing. Castelli is the gear I wear most often; typically sizing is Large for both bibs and jerseys. I find Castelli to be the most race efficient clothing. It ventilates very well, feels light on the body, and looks awesome! I would definitely recommend the Progetto X2 pads for down low comfort. If it's not Castelli, I prefer Pearl Izumi. They definitely come in handy when I want long-lasting comfortable gear. Pearl Izumi's thermals are very warm and effective. I usually wear a size small to medium in American-sized cycling garments, depending on the cut.

Still unsure about your correct size? Consult our sizing tabs on each product page, or contact our cycling clothing experts toll-free at 888-817-8060 or customerservice@bicyclinghub.com.


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