29 September 2011

Convert your favorite short-sleeve jerseys and shorts for Fall and Winter Riding

As we mentioned earlier this week in What Not to Wear: Dressing for a Fall Century, weather makes gear selection a key decision on rides. To quote Gary Medley, "The short-sleeve [jersey] arm warmer combo provides the same adjust-on-the-fly flexibility as shorts and knee warmers do. For example, on a long climb, with your body temp rising as fast as your heart rate, arm warmers can be pushed down over your wrists. This delivers instant cooling. Sadly, it has no affect on your pulse."

Two of BicyclingHub.com's perennial best-sellers that allow you to greatly extend your cycling wardrobe without putting much of a dent in your wallet are the Pearl Izumi Thermafleece Arm Warmers and Pearl Izumi Thermafleece Knee Warmers.

Our friends at Crossbikereview.com have served up product reviews for both, below.

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Scott Mares from Crossbikereview.com says:

 We Liked:

This fabric rocks! It is very warm and durable and has excellent wicking properties. The anatomical cut looks very Euro and is cool and functional. Durable elastic bands and silicone grippers keep the warmers in place.

We Didn't Like:
Limited reflective coverage on the warmers. Would benefit from additional 360 degree visibility.

 The Final Say:
Arm and knee warmers offer the most versatility for the variable weather conditions that racers will encounter. It is critical that every cyclocross racer have a set of quality arm and knee warmers in their race gear bag as they will serve them for years Pearl Izumi is known for their high tech cycling apparel. Over the years, their product and fabric technology has evolved. With the combination of the Thermafleece fabric and anatomical fit, they have set a new industry benchmark with the arm & knee warmers. Both warmers have been constructed with Pearl’s Thermafleece material which offers warmth, brushed softness and true fit to form. By utilizing anatomical cuts and flat seam stitching, they have produced the best fitting set of arm and knee warmers to date. Over the months of using the Pearl Izumi arm & knee warmers, I can say with confidence that these are the best warmers you can get.
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