31 August 2012

Castelli Bib Short Sizing

For all of our Castelli products we publish sizing charts like the one for Castelli Endurance bib shorts below.  

Castelli Bib Shorts 

You will note that we size Castelli bib shorts by height.  We have found this to be the best way to size bib shorts.  Some individuals will have a shorter torso and some longer, but we find height to be the best measure for bibs. It is first priority to get the bib strap length right in order to get the optimum fit: too long and the straps will be loose, failing to hold the shorts up and in position effectively; too short could cause discomfort, pulling the short up too tightly with straps potentially cutting in on the shoulders.  In general, Castelli bib shorts fit about a size smaller than brands such as Pearl Izumi, Sugoi and others.  

By employing a combination of different fabrics, Castelli fine-tunes the fit of each area of their bibshorts to fit tightly, supporting critical leg muscles through compression, while remaining flexible enough to not inhibit movement or constrict blood flow.

If you are at all unsure of your size please call us Toll Free: 888-817-8060 or email sales@bicyclinghub.com. We are committed to helping Castelli customers get the correct size.  

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Next up: Castelli Jersey sizing!

Call us toll free at 888-817-8060!  If you have any question about sizing at all, we're more than happy to help you get your questions answered and get products to you that will fit properly.

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