03 October 2012

Product Spotlight: Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Cycling Bib Shorts

Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bibshort
Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bibshort

Constantly revolutionizing cycling apparel, Castelli has developed bib shorts that pro cyclists are raving about – the Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bibshort. As a BicyclingHub.com choice brand, Castelli uses the latest in fabric design and technology to create the fastest and most comfortable bib short to date. With the Body Paint 2.0, the company took its introductory bib short model and elevated it to a new level of performance. Castelli is so confident in the quality of its newest bib shorts that the item is backed up with a warranty.

Features of the Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bibshort

  • Seamless design for maximum fit and comfort.
  • Comfortable, gripping and air-wicking bib straps.
  • Radio pocket in the upper bib.
  • Added airflow in the chamois.
  • Comfortable seat pad.
  • Superbly aerodynamic.
  • Cool, lightweight fabric.
  • Nine-inch inseam.
  • Warranty from Castelli as well as a 1-year exclusive warranty from BicyclingHub.com.
  • European sizing.
  • Instead of using elastic at the bottom of the legs, a gripping material is knitted directly into the end of the bib shorts so the fabric lays flat.

Advantages of Bib Shorts Over Traditional Cycling Shorts

  • They offer a snugger fit, which reduces chafing and saddle abrasions.
  • Bib shorts are more aerodynamic.
  • The shorts stay in place without the need to adjust drawstrings or feel irritated with uncomfortable elastic waistbands that cut into the skin.
  • There is never a need to hike up bib shorts or worry about exposed skin on your lower back.
  • Bib shorts offer a better fit in the seat.
  • They’re more comfortable at the waist, which is generally higher than that of traditional cycling shorts.

The CastelliBody Paint 2.0 Cycling Bibshort is so comfortable and light you’ll feel like you’re wearing a second skin. For serious cyclists, bib shorts don’t get better than this.

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