15 November 2012

American Pioneers - Bicyclinghub.com Cycling Trivia by Dave Campbell

November 2012
Before there was Lance, Tyler, EPO, or American Tour Winners…
In Honor of the American Pioneers”

Q1. Who was the first American to race the Giro d’Italia? When did he complete this historic and largely unheralded feat?

Q2. Most people know that Jonathan Boyer was the first American to ride the Tour de France (an event so special and historic that he wore a Stars and Stripes jersey despite the lack of a National Championship Road Race at the time…or even enough Pros to contest one!), but what was his BEST PLACING? When did he accomplish this?

Q3. What was the first European pro win for the young phenom from Nevada Greg Lemond?

'Fabulous World of Cycling.'
Answers to be published November 19th!

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