28 March 2013

Why Do You Love Your Bike?

Compiled by Sarah Esterman

via Flickr user eelke dekker
It should come as no surprise, but we here at BicyclingHub.com love our bikes. They get us from A to B, whether that means commute rides between home and work, weekend rides for pleasure or training rides for races. They keep us in shape. They save us money we might otherwise have to spend on gas. They give us a wealth of great times. And, frankly, they hold sentimental value. My ride right now, for instance, was a college graduation gift from my parents, and I love it all the more because of that.

Yesterday, we went to our Facebook community and asked why you love your bikes. Here's what you said:

"I bought it with some inheritance from my grandma. She was the most incredible woman. Really like a second mom to me. Its my in remembrance of grandma bike and I ride it with pride. Also, my bike helped me lose 100lbs, and get to my first century ride!" –Ivy S.

"Riding releases stress... Every problem I have goes away. And when I am done, I can relax. Nothing else I do does that for me. I will ride until I can't anymore..." –Chris P.

"My bike will never leave me for another lover." –Enitan O.

"She quietly spends her free time in my garage, dreaming of the places we will go next!" –Jill L.

"I worked hard to buy it. I work hard to stay fit enough to compete. Even at close to 66 I have to fight for the time to suit up and ride. But then, on the road, I have a few hours of joy." –Tom M.

"My lovely white 'Marco Pierre' is an extension of myself and provides me with the balance I need in my life. We will journey together for as long as we can." –Audrey M.

"My good old Bridgestone mountain/road hybrid 'Little Blue' gets me wherever I need to go. She's the first thing I ever bought with a credit card (27 years ago!) and definitely the best bang-for-the-buck purchase I've ever made." –Cynthia H.

"For the wind in my hair and the smile on my face. It also stimulates the brain." –Shane B.

Why do you love your bike? Let us know in the comments.


Ben said...

I recently purchased my first road bike at 28.

Here's why I love it: after a week of ownership, I rode for 6 miles with a fair amount of hills. The thrill of racing downhill was nearly as intense as my roadracing (motorcycle) days. The sprints gave me a feeling similar to the QB bootleg I used to run that scored me many touchdowns. But most thrilling for me was the way I felt a few hours after the ride.

Having been a social smoker since college, I decided that the best way to kick that habit was to stop drinking, given that I haven't the urge sans fermented spirits. The best way to do this, I reasoned, was to pick up a vigorous sport of which dedication is a requisite. Having had my eye on a roadbike for some time, I took advantage of a good financing deal at my local shop and took to the road.

An hour after my third ride -- a vigorous 6 mile sojourn (laugh it up), my lungs felt so much clearer. My head and attention were focused. I was happier. My body felt invigorated. It was as if my spirit was run through the washing machine. I felt rejuvenated.

It was at that moment -- yesterday -- that I knew this was a sport that I could continue for many years to come, and my mind and body would thank me for it.

Unknown said...

I've been biking for 11 years now and I love my bike because it represents an activity that helped bring my wife and I both together and one that we enjoy together. On an individual basis, I love my bike because of the challenge of long rides, climbs and the rewards of going downhill fast. I also love the fact that I can do all of this without feeling that my cerebral palsy is hindering me.

pestyside said...

My Fuji lets me go the places I wouldn't normally go - including dreaming on two wheels. Unfortunately my average drops then but that's when I find alligators, owls and all sorts of surprises.

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