21 August 2014

New Colors Make Castelli's Gabba 2 Jersey Standout From the Pack

New colors for the Gabba 2
Castelli Gabba- Drive Blue

One of the best products we have ever tested is Castelli Gabba jersey!  Not only is the jersey extremely water resistant, it's also very breathable, keeping us comfortable on the bike.   There wasn't a lot to be improved upon but Castelli has made some slight upgrades to the product.

For 2014 there is one new color, drive blue, joins yellow fluorescent and black in the line.  Castelli has also improved the zipper of the Gabba including a flap above the zipper for additional waterproofing.  Other improvements include a mesh drain in the back which is improved over last years metal drain.

Castelli Gabba Convertible with zip off sleeves.
As of August 21st, 2014 Castelli has not shipped the Gabba 2 to retailers but we are anxiously awaiting the release of this fantastic jersey.  In men's, they come in three

different styles.  A short, long sleeve and the convertible with removable sleeves (pictured left.)  The convertible covers a larger range of temperatures with the zip off sleeve option.

For more information on the shorts sleeve go here.  Long sleeves are here and the convertible is here

Castelli Women's Convertible 2 Long Sleeve Jersey

Castelli Women's Gabba 2 Long Sleeve 
In other exciting news about the Gabba, Castelli has made a women's Gabba jersey for the first time
ever!  It comes in three colors including purple and coral.   In the past, women had to make due with men's sizes.  Like most Castelli women's items, they typically sell out quickly.   The women's sizes will fit small like most Castelli items for women.  If you need help with sizing call our experts at 888-817-8060.  Find out more about Castelli's Gabba for women here.

We know Gabba

I bought my Gabba in 2011.  Since then it's been my main, go to piece of winter cycling kit.   I wear the short sleeve version of the jersey paired with arm warmers.  It's enough for me in most situations.  I wear it in cool and rain.  In Portland it doesn't usually get much bellow freezing so I can get away with less.  On really cold and rainy days I turn to another Gore Windstopper jacket.

DougDoug Duguay
Doug has been cycling since he learned to ride at age 4.  In 1984 a friend gave him a Bicycling Magazine  and that launched a love affair with cycling that remains undiminished to this day. 

After selling jerseys on eBay to pay his mortgage, Doug Duguay launched BicyclingHub from his home in 2002 after a productive six-hour coding session. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Doug’s passion for cycling already had plenty of momentum when he moved to Portland, the town that inspired him to take up all manner of racing, from cyclocross and track to road and stage races. He considers starting BicyclingHub a lucky accident, and while running a business has cut into some of his training time, he’s chasing the idea of a race comeback--something he contemplates while climbing Portland’s west hills. Doug is BicyclingHub’s resident bibshort expert.

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