13 April 2008

First Warm Weekend Of The Spring

Folks in Portland, Oregon get an early taste of spring every year in or around the first part of April.  For cyclists this means baring skin that hasn't seen the sun in at least 7 months.   I did notice a few folks that were sporting new giant patches of bright pink skin.  

Yesterday, I worked in the retail space and it was very fun because most of our customers were happy and the seemed to be enjoying the weather.  We met some new customers in the BicyclingHub.com Bike Shop.  All very exciting things for a small business owner.

The following day Krazze Kevin and I led a 30 mile ride to Vancouver.  While it wasn't as warm as yesterday, we both braved the 60+ Degree Elements in short sleeves and short pant.   We both felt like we were plenty warm.  It's good to get a longer ride out of the way before summer events like Pole, Pedal, Paddle in Bend and the Reach the Beach. 

Portland, Oregon is one of the greatest place to ride a bike in during the summer (Bicycling Magazine ranks us as their top North American cycling city.)  It's a great combination of urban riding (Portland Farmers Market on the Park Blocks.)  If you travel 20 minutes North, South, East, or West you will soon find open spaces with plenty of shoulders that safely allow for cycling.  

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