20 April 2008

Sea Otter Classic

Sea Otter bike races are often remembered by their extreme weather and this year was no exception. 2007 was the year of rains of biblical legend (whatever this means.) 2008 Sea Otter goers were lucky there wasn't any rain to speak of but the wind was so strong it kicked up a mighty dust cloud. Many tired quickly of dust and sand blowing in their eyes and mouth. Still other were appreciative of the exfoliation that the scrub the blowing debris provided.

BicyclingHub.com attended the Sea Otter because it's a chance to catch up with many of their vendors and attend the Bicycling Magazine party. For about 5 years BicyclingHub.com has crashed this party without invite.  At the show we learned of the Bicycling Magazine editors choice awards. Products stocked by BicyclingHub.com won 2 awards. We are sworn to secrecy on the winners. 

Like the Tour de France, Sea Otter Classic is one of those events every fan of cycling should see once.  The races are well organized, the whole family can attend, fans can see the latest bike gear and they can also pick up some sweet deals on clothing and other goods.  Hopefully the year you go the weather will be sunny and you can really enjoy America's greatest festival for the bike.  

To everyone we met at race it was nice seeing you. Hopefully we will see you at events this year!

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