16 May 2008

Mt Hood Cycling Classic 2008

We haven't talked much about this week because we've been so busy. Tuesday we were at the Prologue in downtown Portland and Wednesday we were at the Mt Tabor stage of the Mt Hood Cycling Classic. We were a little star-struck at the quality of the field in our town. Rock Racing, Toyota United, one rider from Slipstream and even Jeanie Longo! Don't ever claim that you're too old to race. At 49, Jeanie Longo was at the front of the women's field the entire race on Wednesday. She tore the field up on a very tough course.

Durring the race we gave the field $200 in primes. I cannot tell you how proud I was to see America's best go after our money.

On Sunday, the final Criterium is in downtown Hood River, Oregon. It should be a great event and we look forward to being there.

Good job Chad Sperry. We look forward to being a part of Mt Hood again both as a sponsor and spectators of this great race.

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