11 February 2009

Showers Pass Portland Jacket = Love

For about 2 weeks now I have been "testing" the Portland jacket from our old friends at Showers Pass. I have worn the Portland everyday for the last 2 weeks! I love this jacket! Not only does it function well as a cycling jacket but it also looks great at the office, or anywhere around town. It's not a neon green cycling jacket that screams I am a geek, I ride a bike (perhaps, I have some issues.)

It looks great too!
During my "testing" of the Portland jacket not a day goes by without a compliment on the great looking jacket I'm wearing. Many people don't even know it's a fully functional cycling jacket. Even the reflective piping on the jacket is subtle. (see the video below for more details on the reflective properties of the Portland)

It's Warm and Breathable
I have been wearing my jacket on my commute to work and it does a great job of protecting me from the wind and the rain. So far I haven't gone on longer rides of more than 10 miles. The Portland has a 2 way zipper as well as pit zips for regulating body temperature.

This jacket is perfect for the commuter who wants to look good both on and off the bike.

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