22 April 2011

Photo Caption Contest: We Have a Winner!

We may be serious about riding, but we're just as serious about having fun while doing it. So when photographer Dave Roth captured BicyclingHub.com staff member Adrian Richardson climbing College St., an infamous hill ranging between 18-21% grade during the brutal non-organized annual event known as Ronde PDX this past Sunday, we knew it was too good to keep to ourselves.

We posted the photo to our Facebook community and held a photo caption contest, with the most clever caption slated to win a FREE Park Tool Multi-Tool (a $23.99 value) to get them out of future jams. CONGRATULATIONS to Bruce Corman for his cleverly-phrased winning caption of Dave Roth's Ronde PDX photo: "This cool jersey with the wings really does make me go faster!" With Adrian currently racing in Cat 2 with plans to upgrade, it may very well be true.

Other entries that deserve honorable mention:

Paul A. Landry: "Must ... keep ... breathing...."

Katie Bartel: "Sure glad this isn't the Amstel Gold Race and I'm not Ryder Hesjedal pulling a Tom 'Poo'nen!"

Steve Shoell: "Hey look something shiny!"

Mary Himlin: "Who was that masked woman?"

Doug Glondeniz: "Hey. Wait for me!"

Eric Hunter: Having rode the Ronde on Sunday, I can honestly say that there's nothing PG that would come out of my mouth.

Brian Lucas: "You're not getting away this time Lance!"

Karolyn Ellis: ‎"I'm gonna win...I'm gonna win!"

Mike Kiefer: ‎"Are you kidding me! I have been lapped by a 15 year old!"

Kevin Milligan: "SQUIRREL!"

Joanne Jaretsky Norris: "Hey, that girl up ahead of me has a nice tush. Maybe I can catch up."

Kevin Ross: "I gonna look good in the Polka Dot jersey."

Chris De Farcut: "By day, Mr Average. On Bike, I AM LEGENNDDD!"

Steve Gumz-Manome: "I think I can...I think I can...I think I can!"

Matthew Bloom: "Can you hear me now?

Bryan Gibbon: "Ha! Just 500 meters to the descent!!!"

David Kirk: "I have played follow the leader before, but this is ridiculus, I think they are now stalking me!!"

Peter Koonce: "so this is what 23 percent grade looks like!"

Patty Brun: "Anyone have any spare gears to share?"

Dave Campbell: "DAMN, my legs are white! Spring in the Northwest, baby!"

Al Cassel: "Do these gloves make me look fat?"

Susen Marie: "If he was in Montana...the caption would be....wonder if i can sprint past that bear???

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Special thanks to photographer Dave Roth for his permission to use the above photo. He captured well over 300 images on that beautiful spring day, which you can view here.

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