23 December 2011

Never Go Thirsty Again with the Showers Pass VelEau 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System

When it comes to cycling, Showers Pass has become a brand almost universally known for its ability to keep water OUT.  But with the debut of the new Showers Pass VelEau 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System, all that's about to change.

Recently featured on Tech Toys 360 - Discovery Velocity Channel, this new breakthrough cycling hydration concept promises to change the way cyclists think about drinking fluids and staying well-hydrated.

How it works

The Showers Pass VelEau 42 addresses many issues that might keep us all from acheiving adequate hydration on the bike.  Whether a road cyclist/century rider, long distance randonneur/Gran Fondo rider, 12 or 24hr time trialist, mountain biker, cross racer, triathlete, or RAAM hopeful - this system will enable you to take a drink anytime in most any situation with maximum ease and efficiency. Great for any rider, it also boosts confidence for those less experienced who may not be comfortable reaching down for a bottle.

Easily fitted to most any bicycle and a cinch to dismantle for cleaning (if and when required) the VelEau system houses a fully recyclable food-grade HDPE bottle; the rugged outer pack incorporates a roomy storage pocket for the usual essentials (i.e., spare tube and tire levers), while the outer pack offers a tail light attachment loop. The whole thing fits conveniently under your seat with one secure ratchet strap.

A hydration tube feeds along the top-tube of the bike to a bite valve on the end. The tube and valve are held in place by VelEau reels and magnets - secure but at the same time a breeze to raise and replace whilst on the go. The bottle will hold 42oz of valuable fluid - use it on its own, or supplement what you can carry in your existing bottles on those super long rides where water stops may not be available.

Showers Pass is a brand that has long-been recognized and sought after by cycling enthusiasts and long-distance riders as offering some of the best-fitting, best-ventilated and most breathable cycling rain gear and outerwear on the market.  Now cyclists can thank the Portland, Oregon-based company for their continual commitment to innovation and ability to adapt products to meet cyclists' specific needs.

Showers Pass VelEau 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System
An amazing new and revolutionary product, the VelEau 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System is sure to boost your performance in a safe and effective way.  Order yours directly at BicyclingHub.com and you'll swear, ala Vivien Leigh, "As God is my witness...I will never go THIRSTY again!"

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