27 January 2012

Showers Pass Club Convertible 2 Rain Pants have arrived!

Once you try these rain pants, you'll soon be a convert to the club.

Showers Pass Women's
Club Convertible 2 Rain Pant
We were excited when the new Showers Pass Club Convertible 2 Pants arrived ahead of schedule to compare them side by side with the previous version. As promised, the new and improved rain pants were well worth the wait.

First and foremost was the VASTLY improved fit, especially the women's cut. Not content to coast on sales of their first edition, the Showers Pass design team took direct and honest feedback from their female customers and went back to the drawing board to find a way to more accurately reflect a woman's hourglass shape and proportions. The result? A tapered waist and more room at the hips for ease of movement; the rear of the waistband is elasticated to further enhance the fit, eliminate gaps between fabric and skin and prevent your pants from creeping down as you ride.

Showers Pass Club Convertible 2 Rain Pant (Men's)
Next up is the change in the FABRIC itself. Constructed with 3-ply Artex fabric offering lightweight, breathable and waterproof protection, the new Club Convertible 2s weighs in nearly 30% less than its predecessor (yes, bike nerds that we are, we had to pull out the scales to confirm). Just as important as the savings in weight is the enhanced freedom of movement and full range of motion offered by these rain pants. No longer will your thighs feel constricted or restrained by tight fabric, working against you as you move; the enhanced stretch of the new Artex fabric enables the rider to employ full articulation in the knee and thigh in every pedal stoke, whether you're wearing cycling shorts and street clothes underneath.
Overheating? Pants quickly and easily
zip off to knickers (shown above).
Finally, I have to take a moment to admire the level of detail that went into the design and construction of these high-end rain pants. From its new mesh side pockets (further reducing weight while enhancing air flow) to the durable double-stitched and seam-taped zippers to prevent water driving in, the tailored look and feel of this garment is self-evident. Additional improvements to the zip-off pant cuffs (previous version had heavy reflective tape, now replaced by a more supple reflective trim) the Velcro attachments to the pant cuffs serves as re-assurance your pant leg won't come loose and get stuck in your chain. If you're looking to invest in some high-quality cycling rain pants intended to go the long haul, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Showers Pass Club Convertible 2 Rain Pant.

Attention to details like zippers and Velcro fasteners
at cuffs make these rain pants a stand-out.
When it comes to being prepared for the elements, I couldn't think of a better company than Portland-based Showers Pass to outfit cyclists accordingly. Rarely a day goes by we here at BicyclingHub.com don't spy bicyclists commuting over the Hawthorne Bridge in one of the products we sell, and Showers Pass remains a perennial favorite both here at home and across the country. Having ridden in their cycling apparel, the reason why becomes readily apparent.  Showers Pass isn't just the best rain gear in Portland; it's the best cycling rain gear on the market. Period.

Want to learn more about Showers Pass, and the innovations they bring to high-performance technical cycling apparel? Read our feature profile story here.

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