11 January 2012

What sets BicyclingHub.com apart from the competition?

Few are as passionate about cycling as we are. At BicyclingHub.com, our goals are to get more people on bikes more often and make cycling a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

We do this by:
Eric Solberg from Castelli USA briefing staff the difference
between Castelli's KISS 3 and Progetto X2 chamois.

  • Providing customers with extensive product knowledge.  Each season BicyclingHub.com staff meet with product representatives from major cycling clothing manufacturers, including Castelli, Pearl Izumi, Showers Pass and Sheila Moon, to learn about new technology and features and built into the products. This hands-on training (and subsequent extensive testing) ensures we are able to offer extensive details and comparisons between products to our customers and retain our credentials as experts on cycling clothing.

  • Sharing our trustworthy expertise. All of our customer service representatives ride in the products we sell and are happy to provide customers honest product reviews, top Staff Picks, and and offer recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

  • Offering exceptional customer service through friendly, fun and reliable attention. Whether you're a dedicated urban commuter, a multi-day bike tour enthusiast, or preparing for your next big race, BicyclingHub.com constantly applies itself to making certain we deliver the same outstanding customer service and prompt delivery that ensures we stand apart from our competitors. We want your ride to be as enjoyable as possible, and we work hard every day to keep you rolling in style.

  • Regular Blog articles and Facebook updates that keep you in the loop. Wish you had a friend in the bike industry for the latest updates? Now you do! BicyclingHub.com provides our customers not only with access to a large online catalog but also a vibrant Facebook community (over 9,5200 members and growing strong), on-the-go Twitter updates for Daily Deals and exclusive sales, and an active Blog to keep our readers informed on the latest cycling-related news, videos, fun trivia contests and more.

  • Videos. Sometimes seeing is believing. BicyclingHub.com is staying at the forefront of the cycling apparel market by taking two-dimensional pictures and text and bringing our customers a 3-dimensional experience. Be it specific product features of the Showers Pass VelEau 42 Hydration System, an introduction to who you're choosing when you choose BicyclingHub.com, or the newest cycling jerseys coming out of the Castelli catalog, stay tuned to BicyclingHub.com's YouTube channel.

    Doug Duguay, owner of BicyclingHub.com, states: "I guarantee that no Internet retailer of cycling clothing knows the product as in depth as we do. For us, training and product knowledge is a priority."
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