29 June 2012

Comfortable In The Saddle

Comfortable in the Saddle

All of us should certainly be able to ride comfortably for as long and as far as our legs and lungs will carry us.  Saddle sores no more!!  These three hints are key to ensuring that your next ride will be the best and more comfortable that it can be!

1) Bike Fit - THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN YOUR COMFORT. If your bike is sized incorrectly, you will never be comfortable on the bike. You may have the fanciest seat in the world and own the best best shorts that money can buy, but if your bike doesn't fit well, you will still feel less than cozy. We recommend seeing a bike-fit specialist who will properly fit you to your bike. It may cost anywhere between $50-$200, but a proper bike-fit can be one of your best investments. Here in Portland, we hear great things about the bike-fitting pros at Crank pdx. In most cases, it is best to avoid purchasing bikes online or via mail unless you know for sure what size you need.

2) Cycling Shorts - Once your bike fits well, then you're safe to proceed to shorts shopping. Cycling Shorts come in a variety of styles and pad thicknesses. The shorts should fit snugly, especially to ensure that the pad doesn't move or shift while riding. We strongly recommend bib shorts for more of a seamless feel and the most comfort, but many riders do prefer regular cycling shorts. DO NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR with your cycling shorts!  The shorts are meant to be in contact with your skin.

3) Chamois Cream - For longer rides, or on early season rides, many folks like to use chamois creme. Chamois creme provides a bit of a barrier, can help reduce friction, and decrease the frequency of saddle sores.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly cycling clothing experts so that we can find solutions that will help you ride in comfort.  We want you "back in the saddle again!"

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