18 June 2012

Cycling Shorts Buyers Guide

Why Buy Cycling Shorts?

Bicyclinghub.com's Kevin Langton advises buyers to buy cycling shorts for longer distances. Cycling shorts are specifically designed with one thing in mind, and that thing would indeed be the hugely enjoyable pastime that we know to be riding our bikes. As kids some of us would go everywhere on two wheels, maybe even turning pro at an early age and taking on a paper route! Some of us never stopped riding and some of us came back to it later on. Most of us, if we choose to spend many recreational hours on a bicycle, will inevitably end up in bicycle shorts. In the case of mens bike shorts, or women's bike shorts, it is absolutely okay to follow the herd. All those who ride know the comfort of doing so in a good pair of cycling shorts, and that there really is no substitute.
Whenever you are going to spend a good solid block of time on the bike and the purpose of the ride is the ride itself, those cut-off jeans, cargo shorts or skinnies, really are not going to cut the mustard! You'll also sometimes see triathletes on their time trial bikes in a speedo but remember that those guys and girls have to swim and run as well, without stopping to change into anything other than their shoes and to maybe put on a bike helmet.
So, cyclists wear cycling shorts because they are the best and most comfortable shorts to ride in and that's all there is to it. What makes them so comfortable? The seatpad, also called a chamois as in earlier bike shorts the seatpad was made using chamois leather (See here for your chamois 101). Seatpads nowadays are quite a science with variable thickness and pad density in specific areas that need cushioning, such as your sit bones. They are shaped specifically to interface with most saddles and to be anatomically correct, providing comfort without any unwanted additional bulk. They are also covered in fabrics that are treated to wick away perspiration and inhibit growth of bacteria, ensuring good hygiene and both your immediate and long-term comfort. The fabrics used in a modern day bike short provide valuable muscle support, next-to-skin comfort and flexibility with light weight, whilst also wicking away perspiration to keep you cooler and drier as you exercise. The fit on a pair of bicycle shorts is designed to be figure hugging, allowing the fabric to support you and to wick away sweat. The fit is more aerodynamic and, combined with the stretchy fabrics used, eliminates areas where material can bunch up and cause chafing or discomfort. Everything is held in place nicely, including the all-important seatpad, and at the same time complete freedom of movement is allowed. Remember that when you are cycling, your legs will be turning at a rate of anything between 50 to more than 100 pedal revolutions per minute!
One of our favorite brands of cycling shorts is Pearl Izumi. Our least expensive short is the Canari Velo II cycling shorts.

What about bib shorts?

You've probably seen those cycling shorts with suspenders. What's that all about? Well, where shorts are typically held up with the aid of elastic at the waist, in some cases a drawstring, and occasionally both, the bibshort has no waistband and is held up by what is basically a suspender made from lightweight, stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric such as mesh. With the suspender being worn under the jersey there is little difference in outward appearance between a cycling short and a cycling bib short. For more information on bib shorts check out our Buyers Guide To Bib Shorts All of us here at Bicyclinghub.com can be considered cycling shorts and bib short veterans, and we would love to share our collective wisdom and experience with you. Whether you are looking for your first pair, upgrading, or perhaps giving a brand you haven't used before a try, we are happy to assist with product information and sizing advice. You can reach one of our cycle clothing experts toll-free at 1-888-817-8060 or e-mail us at sales@bicyclinghub.com


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