28 September 2012

Not All Cycling Jerseys are Made Alike

Giro D'Italia 2012 Cycling Jersey
Giro D'Italia 2012 Cycling Jersey

If your fashion sense is stopping you from giving cycling a try, give the outfits another chance. Contrary to what you often see in the media, cycling jerseys aren’t always fluorescent yellow.

The basic cycling jersey is designed to be longer in the back so skin doesn’t show as you ride; it also has pockets on the back panel and a long zipper in the front. Made from sweat-wicking materials, cycling jerseys are designed to fit you tightly so you encounter less air resistance as you ride, while also helping you stay cooler. They come in a variety of patterns and sleeve lengths, so you’re bound to find something that suits your fashion sensibilities.


Cycling Jerseys for Men

Some of the best-selling jerseys for men are those that represent a favorite brewing company, rock band, racing team or event, like the Giro d’Italia. Also available are jerseys that resemble the funny t-shirts found in department stores. Green Eggs and Ham, anyone?


Cycling Jerseys for Women

Jerseys for women are made to fit the curves of a woman’s body. The cuts are ultra-feminine, available in sleeveless varieties and come with enchanting graphics that make it hard to choose just one. Asian-inspired jerseys resemble silk Chinese qipao tops. Empowerment shirts feature Rosie the Riveter or awareness ribbons, and silly shirts feature Gumby and Dr. Seuss characters. If you want a cycling jersey that’s a little racier, keep your eyes peeled for those that look like they have a corset printed onto them. 

Jersey Colors in the Pro-Cycling World

Some of the most recognizable cycling jerseys are the yellow Tour de France and the pink Giro d’Italia jerseys. In the cycling world, the jersey colors are significant. In the Tour de France, the yellow cycling jersey is for the general leader, while the points leader wears green. Several racing events use this color scheme. In the Giro d’Italia, the general leader wears a pink jersey and the points leader wears red. While pink isn’t a common jersey color, it’s common to find points leaders wearing red, green or blue. The leader in youth events usually wears a white jersey. In many races, the mountain leader wears a polka-dotted jersey.

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