10 January 2013

A Season In The Saddle - Tips and Tricks for Foul Weather Riding

The temptation to hibernate indoors plagues us all when faced with inclement weather conditions.  Here in the Pacific NW, and many other parts of the world, the days dawn windy and wet from November to March, one's resolve to ride can melt faster than yesterday's snow man.

Cycling's benefits to body and spirit need never be sacrificed to winter's wicked whims.  With a little help from friends like us at Bicyclinghub.com, you can reap the rewards of cycling year round in comfort and style.

Fear no front!  Winter riding need not intimidate as gearing up takes only moments and invokes childhood memories of donning moon boots and mittens in anticipation of tasting the season's first snow flake.

To keep the heat remember head, hands, feet! As your body functions like an engine, revving up your heart rate is going to keep you nice and toasty warm when your extremities are properly protected, which brings us to the dos and don'ts for core insulation:
Toes to Nose, Bicyclinghub.com knows:
  • Wet Feet = Defeat - whether your little piggies go to market or stay home they require a little attention.  Working from inside out, let's talk socks: we suggest the happy marriage of ventilation and insulation and recommend Castelli's Merino Wool Cycling Sock as they are thin enough to wear with clicks and warm enough to do the trick.  If opting for street shoes, you may enjoy Castelli's Quindici Soft Cycling Sock.

    When it comes to exterior foot protection, investing in a pair of Castelli Diluvio Shoe Covers will pay your tootsies a handsome dividend year after freezing year (remember to order a half size larger when wearing over street shoes).

  • Dry Digits = Delight - hands are best served by gloves that are incorporate waterproof and insulating fabric technologies, such as the Catelli Diluvio Glove or specifically for the gals, we offer the Castelli Sessanta Donna Women's Glove

  • Nuzzled Noggin = Nirvana - crucial to maintaining your body heat when riding, covering your cabasa also serves to prepare you for stepping out the door.  For generally chilly conditions, we suggest the Castelli Thermo Skully.  For those in need of extra warmth, the Castelli Risvolto Winter Cycling Cap is top notch.
Bicyclinghub.com encourages everyone to experience the pride, passion and peace bicycling affords us all - big or small.  Riding brings us closer to ourselves and to our community and boosts our physical and emotional well-being.  Happy trails from our family to yours!

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