05 July 2014

4 Cyclists That Look Great Without Clothing

Not all cyclists are built like Denmark's Michael Rasmussen.  In fact, many are quite lovely and are not afraid to show some skin.  We chose these photos high lighting some of the best cyclists in the world.

Victoria Pendleton is a World and Olympic Champion.  What nice form on the bike:  A nice flat back.5

Everything Lance has done on the bike has an asterisk next to it.  There's no denying that his body looks good.  

Liz Hatch was an instant sensation for her looks earlier in her career.  Liz raced for Vanderkitten racing and now she's now making a comeback currently with CyclelivePlus-Zannata.

Mario Cipollini won 191 races in all during his career and practiced excellent form all the way.


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