08 July 2014

Rider rams into a spectator at the Tour de France.

The talk of this year's Tour de France is the selfie and the race.  Like in years past, cyclists are running into spectators along the route.  This is one of the more spectacular examples of a rider potentially hurting of both himself and someone at the side of the road.   What do you think?  Should spectators be more careful or should the organization do more to protect the riders.  Leave your comments below.  

Photo via gyfcat.com


Unknown said...

Unfortunately, the spectators have proven to be unaware of the danger they put the riders and themselves in. While their support is amazing, so is the width of the road where corrals have been put up.

Unknown said...

Racers have the right of way! I know it's hard as a spectator in the crowed sidelines to have to lean out in to the course to get pictures or to even see at times.

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