20 November 2008

Gore Bike Wear Sale This Weekend

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15 November 2008

More Road Race Trivia From Dave Campbell

The final Grand Tour of the season is nearly upon us! The Tour of Spain was once a nearly All-Spanish affair set often in quite challenging spring weather in April and early May, the Vuelta was revitalized by its move to the autumn in the mid 90’s. Now it is a key preparation race for riders planning to tackle the Worlds and the Fall Classics.


Q1: Who holds the records for most Vueltas started and finished?

Q2: Who was the first NON-EUROPEAN Vuelta winner?

Q3: Three different Americans have finished the Vuelta in the first ten…can you name them?

14 November 2008

US Army: eVent Fabric Twice As Breathable In Tests

"The US Army’s Natick tests of waterproof-breathable laminates reported that eVENT fabric proved to be the most breathable of all materials tested, averaging twice the breathability of its closest competitor."

What differentiates eVENT fabric technology from other ePTFE-based waterproof-breathable laminates?

Lately, we have had a number of questions about the breathability of Showers Pass Elite 2.0 Jackets and eVent Pants. Here to follow in this blog is a summary of eVent vs other polyurethane breathable fabrics. Check out our Showers Pass selection here

Open-pored ePTFE membranes have been used in waterproof apparel applications for over 25 years. But they have been used in a “bi-component” fashion that covered the open pores with a layer of polyurethane (PU). This PU layer reduced inherent breathability by inhibiting the free escape of perspiration vapor. The eVENT fabric approach is different and avoids the use of that polyurethane layer. Explains Vishal Bansal, Director of Product Development for eVENT fabrics: “Rather than take an open-pore membrane and turn it into a closed-pore laminate, our patented process lets us retain the natural venting ability of all those microscopic pores.”

The US Army’s Natick tests of waterproof-breathable laminates reported that eVENT fabric, a patented ePTFE-based membrane produced and marketed by BHA Technologies, Inc. proved to be the most breathable of all materials tested, averaging twice the breathability of its closest competitor. Testing included the likes of Gore-Tex XCR®, Sympatex®, and various other waterproof-breathable fabrics. “As a premium, technical brand, ground sought to utilize today’s top technologies to create our high-end apparel line,” stated ground’s CEO, Tucker Hacking. “After reviewing the government’s Natick testing we were sold on using eVENT fabric to achieve the technical pinnacle in our soft shell, hard shell and down product categories.”

October Road Race Trivia By Dave Campbell

What a way to end the season…”The Race of the Falling Leaves”…beautiful autumn scenery along Lake Como in Tuscany, the heart of Italian Cycling! The major climb even goes up to “The Church of Cycling” at Madonna del Ghisallo. Test your knowledge of the only truly “mountainous classic”…


Q1: Italian, , Damiano Cunego (Lampre) joined an elite club (Italians Constante Giradengo, and Gino Bartali and Irishman Sean Kelly) by winning Lombardy for his third time last month. Three, however, is NOT the record! Who holds it and how many?

Q2: Lombardy is one of several Classics that has NEVER been won by a Spaniard. Now, in Roubaix or Flanders this is not surprising, but LOMBARDY is mountainous! Name the Iberian who has come the closest to victory here.

Q3: American Tom Danielson (Garmin-Chiptole), the “great white hope” for pretty much his entire year came in with great expectations, although Chris Horner (Astana) rode fabulous to finish 7th. What is the best ever American finish here?

Answers in December

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