05 September 2015

Iowa State Cycling Jerseys

We have been selling Iowa State cycling jerseys since 2002.  We created a short little video about the jerseys.  For more information about Iowa State cycling jerseys go here. https://www.bicyclinghub.com/iowa-state-cycling-jersey/

26 February 2015

Wisconsin Cycling Jerseys
We are making a big push to become number one on Google for University of Wisconsin cycling jerseys.  For many years our company was number one for this item and now we have fallen behind "a well known company that sells books."

Here's the link to Wisconsin Cycling Jerseys

We are proud that we have been in business since 2002.  In that same year, we met John Ambrose the owner of Adrenaline Promotions and started selling his jerseys online.  Since that time we have sold over 7,000 of their jerseys.  Not only do we know the ins and outs of the product, but we can also make sure you get the correct size.  Feel free to call us at 888-817-8060 if you have any questions about College Cycling Jerseys or any other product that bicyclinghub.com sells.

30 October 2014

Matthias Brändle attempting the world hour record- live coverage.

Matthias Brändle has done it!  He's the new hour record holder for now. 

Watch his ride here. 

21 October 2014

2015 Tour de France Map

Who's your pick for the race this year?  Leave your favorite in the comments section below.

19 October 2014

How many calories do you burn while cycling?

Estimates vary widely.   While not perfect, our calorie counter can give you a pretty good estimate of how many calories you burn on your rides.  Information can be entered into your training diary or used to keep a food diary.  

06 October 2014

Giro d' Italia 2015 Map and Route

2014 Giro Winner Nairo Quintana Photo via Gazzeta.it
On Monday, October 6th, 2014 the Giro d' Italia race directors presented the 2015 route.  The route features 3,481.8 Km (2163.5 miles) The first stage starts in San Lorenzo de Mare on May 9th and the last stage finishes in Milan on May 31st.

The stages-
1 individual time trial
1 team time trial
7 stages for sprinters
5 medium mountain
3 medium mountain with summit finish
4 high mountain with summit finish

The 2015 Giro d' Italia Map.  Map courtesy Gazetta.it (Click to enlarge)

17 September 2014

Do you wear underwear with bike shorts?


Never ever wear underwear with bike shorts!  
Share your story below in the comments section- did you learn the hard way?  Do you still wear underwear under cycling shorts?

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