22 October 2008

2009 Tour de France Route Announced

CyclingNews.com has a great article about the 2009 Tour de France. Last night in Paris the organization unveiled the route for the 2009 Tour. As a fan, it's fun to start thinking about the Tour de France in October when there isn't much cycling news except for Cyclocross races.

It's an interesting race this year because it looks like it goes to the Pyrénées quickly. Monaco for the start and then to Barcelona, Spain, the Tour starts in the Southern part of Europe for the first time since 1992. I have been watching the Tour de France since 1985 and this Tour de France is unusual just from the first look at it. Other highlights include a trip to the Alps after riding in the middle of France for a few days. As has become custom, the race will finish on the Champs Elysees in Paris on the last day.

I read that someone stated that this race favors Alberto Contrador. I'm not sure who it favors but as is always the case with the Tour, the strongest rider with great team support will win the race. If Lance or Alberto are even in the race look for them to put on a great show. They may not even get invited to the race so don't pin your hopes on them just yet.

20 October 2008

Metropolis Cycle Repair Is Moving

At the end of October we will be pulling up stakes and moving into our
own space in North Portland. Expect to see more complete bikes, more
frames and wheels, and an expanded selection of parts and accessories,
as well as the great service and repair you have come to expect. Our new
location is at 2249 N Williams Avenue, right on one of the busiest
bike routes in Portland. Williams runs from the Rose Quarter Transit
Center, across NE Broadway and almost all the way to the Columbia River.
Hundreds of cyclists use it everyday to connect from downtown and
Southeast Portland into the North and Northeast quadrants. It is also being
rapidly redeveloped with new businesses including cafes, boutiques and
restaurants. Come visit us in November for special deals on service and
winter commuting essentials. For more information call Nathan at 503-287-7116.

Metropolis Cycle Repair
2249 N Williams Ave
Portland OR 97217

07 October 2008

Portland Oregon Bicycle Tours

Pedal Bike Tours is a new door-to-door bicycle rental and tour business located in Portland. Pedal owner Todd Roll explains it this way, "Pedal specializes in giving visitors to Portland who may not be from a place where bicycling is as accepted as here the opportunity to experience the city the way a local does. We bring bicycles to their hotel or wherever they're staying, provide them with maps and let them explore the city on two wheels.

We're also happy to give them a guided tour and show them why Portland is such a great city to ride a bike in. Since Portland has become increasingly well known as a tourist destination and is so bike friendly, it seems natural to put those two things together."

Pedal has 4 basic tours covering the neighborhoods within a few miles of downtown. One, the Coffee Crawl takes visitors to local coffee roasters in which riders will see the roasting process, talk with the roaster and taste the result. "That tour is guaranteed to leave you energized!" says Roll.

Tours are geared toward the casual cyclist, emphasizing enjoying the ride and seeing the sights. Tours go along bike paths or quiet residential streets and make frequent stops to see houses, views and local shops; riders are encouraged to come dressed as they would for a walking tour. The bikes are 27 speed hybrid bikes with riser bars allowing riders to sit comfortably upright. Helmets, locks, a map of the city's bike routes and a handlebar bag for finds are all included in rental and tour prices.

Tours can be arranged any day of the week during daylight hours.

Rental prices are: 1-2 hrs.- $9/hr.; 3 hrs.- $24; 4 hrs.- $29; 8hrs.-
24hrs.- $44. An extra day is $20. Weekly rates are $100 per week.

Guided tours cost $49 per person and are led by a knowledgeable local

Check out Pedal at their website pedalbiketours.com or call

06 October 2008

Interbike 2008-Kevin Langton's View

September saw Bicyclinghub make it's annual pilgrimage to Interbike 2008 in Vegas. Our owner Doug, now an Interbike vet , took me, the novice, along for my first Interbike experience. As well as checking out new lines we caught up with some of our friends from, to name a few, - Albabici, Giordana, Gore Bikewear , Opsal, Primal Wear, Swobo, Vanderkitten all of whom we don't get to see as often as those who, like us, made the trip from Portland/the NorthWest (Castelli USA, Showers Pass & Sheila Moon who we also stopped in on - it would have been rude not too !)

I've been to other shows in Europe big and small - my first Interbike did not dissappoint and had me running around like the proverbial kid in a candy store that I'm sure all we people who ride bikes become when placed in such an environment. Of course in my mind (and my dreams !) I fitted out my bike with all the very latest in trick gear - not just once I might add - and of course the necessary attire to go with it - for that Pro rider look. Someone said to me at the show - 'it's not about how fast you go - it's about how fast you look'. One of those may require a little less training I think - or training of a different kind at least. Whether you wish to dress fast or slow - there was plenty for everyone on display at Interbike and many of our favorites are included in our store.

From retro wool to the latest technical wear, for raceday, century ride, club ride and the latest in 'lifestyle' wear - clothes you can bike places in and leave on when you get there without getting strange looks. Be it to catch a movie, a beer, hang out with friends - pursuits that I'm sure, along with riding a bike, are popular the world over - not just in Portland. Actually I didn't see any pub theaters in Vegas - there you go - that's what it needs - I knew there was something missing - just couldn't put my finger on it until now !

There was plenty to see at the show - a lot of which I wished I'd had the time to check out more thoroughly. Said Hi to Eddy Merckx and to some of the guys at Rock Racing including, who was kind enough to bring me up to date on how the weather had been in my home town. He was still recovering from a spill taken in the Tour of Britain.

Didn't see Lance but heard the buzz aplenty about his news conference debate with Greg Lemond. He did Cross Vegas also which we didn't get over to see.

Back in PDX now - cross season is upon us. We are also looking forward to the Oregon Handbuilt show this coming weekend ; new premises and more space for the hub ; lots of new inventory for the Fall/Winter season ; and the perfect weather to road test it !

05 October 2008

Jens Voigt Interview

Someone sent me this link from YouTube. We love Jens Voigt and his work ethic. Enjoy the enclosed video. Favorite quote "....your lungs are burning, that little taste of blood in your mouth" Other good quotes include "I get paid to hurt other people. I get paid to make other people suffer, how good is that?!"

01 October 2008

Moving Forward

If you listen to some you might think the sky is falling. If you are one of those suffering for various reasons you probably would agree the sky is falling and for those suffering in the world we have been there. For BicyclingHub.com in 2008 and 2009 we are looking forward to tremendous growth. Last year growth was good for us and recently we have added several new lines to our offering. Recently, we picked up Swobo, Gore Bike Wear, Shebeest and we have brought back Etxe Ondo for the winter. We are excited about the opportunities this coming year will bring. We are also excited about focusing on our core business as well. It's going to be a great fall winter 2008-2009.

We are on a mission to spread meaningful content and give you awesome deals on cycling clothing. Like us on Facebook and see for yourself.