13 May 2013

Top 8 Favorite Songs About Bicycles

Every once in awhile there's a great song that provides us bike-lovers with a new anthem to add to the collection. So last week we asked our Facebook and Twitter community for your favorite songs about bicycles. Here's what you said (plus some of our favorites too):

Queen: "Bicycle Race"
Of course the song with the opening lyrics, "Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle," appears on this list, because is that not our rallying cry? Granted, the song does get overplayed at cycling events, as Steve S. pointed out on Facebook, but we can't deny it's a classic song—with a great music video.

KRAFTWERK: "Tour de France"
If you've either checked out a translated version of KRAFTWERK's scratchy electronic beat, or you speak German, you know that the lyrics literally describe the race's route. And the added sound of breathlessness—well, let's just say it seems pretty accurate in an ode to the Tour de France.

Pink Floyd: "Bike"
Though parts of this song are definitely on the creepier side, "Bike" has some damn good—albeit pretty silly—lyrics set to a great, psychedelic tune.

Sons of Science: "Motherf*cking Bike"
Hilarious lyrics, sick beat—what more is there to say about this song? Oh, the video is pretty great too.

The Mixtures: "Pushbike Song"
With a nice summer sound, The Mixture's "Push Bike" definitely makes you want to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, and you know, maybe meet someone that way. Related: this is definitely the kind of song you can serenade a special someone with.

Flobots: "Handlebars"
It's hard to say what this song is actually about, but let's just get down to basics: riding a bike with no handlebars doesn't sound very easy. I mean, riding no-handed (like is shown in the video) is one thing, but no bar altogether? That's got to be tough.

MC SpandX: "Performance"
"Performance" is a classic of sorts in the cycling world. When MC SpandX, aka Robin Moore, released it in 2009, it quickly reached viral status. Since then, he's put out a couple other great cycling-related songs that are definitely worth a listen: "Get Dirty" and "Le Velo."

Alex Marco: "The Bike"
A silly little French song with French people decked out in Peugeot gear doing a silly little dance that we can only assume is called "The Bike." Don't get us wrong, we're all for self-expression, but we'll take an actual bike ride over having to do "The Bike," thank you very much.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.


gwadzilla said...

The Style Council: My Ever Changing Moods?

Imitto said...

I know, it' Hungarian, but I think MC Buppa's "Royal Fixi Club" must be here:


yannb said...

don't forget le velo

Ricky said...

This one has gotta be in there! Ride All Night from Memory Waste.
It showcases the joys of bike riding and ridicules our car-driving friends in the one video :)

Unknown said...

Silver Machine (1972)


Labann said...

Labann (Bike&Chain: The Ultimate Guide to Bicycling Culture) just released a list of 1,750 titles of bicycling related songs. In some cases you have to read the book's appendix to understand the connection, some of which are profound though not obvious. Just "bicycle" in title is not enough because many mention bike related things, like champions or major races. Real scholarship takes research.



Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

1stplace - My Car Is A Bike

Unknown said...

Bike Ride by Nora Jean Struthers

jade said...

Like any hack, the first thing I look at is my own stuff, to see if the subs have 'corrected' the jokes they didn't understand. website

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