19 October 2010

New Technology Makes Pearl Izumi's 2011 Cycling Apparel Line a Real Gem

Pearl Izumi, one of the leading manufacturers of cycling apparel in the United States, chose to debut its new line of cutting-edge technologies--including the new 4D Chamois and In-R-Cool, Transfer Aero, and Transfer Minerale fabrics--at Interbike, the world's largest industry trade show. BicyclingHub.com staff sat down with representatives to glean more information and catch a sneak peak at forecasted best-sellers for the Spring/Summer 2011 line.

While "trickle-down economics" has its detractors, Pearl Izumi's commitment to "trickle down technology" has already gained some traction in the marketplace with both its P.R.O. and Elite lines of cycling apparel. New fabrics designed and developed for professional athletes (such as In-R-Cool) are now available to consumers at a competitive price point, without compromising on quality or design.

Dare to Wear Black on Even the Hottest of Days: In-R-Cool Reduces Perspiration while Blocking the Sun's Rays

Planning a cycling vacation through France's renowned Loire Valley in steamy July, or continuing your usual group rides in Miami, Florida straight through the hothouse month of August? Now you can stay as cool as you look in Pearl Izumi's vividly-colored jerseys and cycling shorts with proprietary In-R-Cool technology, designed to reduce fabric's surface temperature while increasing both performance and comfort by reducing perspiration--up to 50% more when compared to traditional black performance wear. By creating a fabric that brings reflective cooling benefits of white to dark materials, In-R-Cool deflects harmful UV rays and provides UPF 50+ sun protection.

To further enhance comfort, In-R-Cool utilizes a special perspiration-activated technology that cools body surface temperature by 5%--one more way to keep you cool, even under the hottest conditions. So before you plunk down the benjamins on one of those expensive, new-fangled "cooling vests" some of the pros have been sporting during the Tour de France, consider slipping into the P.R.O. LTD Speed Jersey or Elite Jersey and In-R-Cool bib shorts instead. Both your body and your wallet will thank you.

Another new innovation up Pearl's sleeve? TRANSFER with Minerale fabric is comprised of finely crushed volcanic rock designed to draw moisture away from the skin. These natural minerals create a porous yarn structure, increasing both moisture transfer and odor absorption: two key elements to sustained comfort levels, especially on long rides. With an enhanced dry rate up to 50% faster than regular performance polyester, cyclists can eschew the discomfort of a soggy wet top and stay focused on the road ahead.

And for the track fiends and time-trial junkies, where aerodynamics are crucial and every second counts (literally)? Pearl is proud to present Transfer Aero. Often paired with In-R-Cool in a garment, this fabric is uniquely textured and positioned in strategic areas to reduce wind drag by over 15%, when compared to traditional flat performance fabrics.

Cold Black: similar to In-R-Cool, Cold Black technology reflects UV rays away from the body, enabling the cyclist to remain just as cool in a black jersey as a white one.

Still haven't seen enough? Take a Seat.

New for 2011 is Pearl Izumi's 4D Chamois Pad, available in the full men's and women's P.R.O. lines. The biggest change from its predecessor, the already-comfy 3D Chamois (still found in the Elite line of shorts and bib shorts for men and women) is its pre-shaped anatomic cut, providing 4-way stretch to conform perfectly with a body in motion, The 4D chamois folds while sitting, so the natural position of your body is molded to its form. And 12 mm of 3-layer variable density padding and new foam technology allow for a 35% lighter chamois.

Also new from Pearl Izumi: all white cycling shorts for both men and women will be made with grey chamois pads to allay any fears that color chamois won't bleed in the wash. "If you're fast enough to rock the white," as one of the Pearl Izumi representatives commented, you can now ride with extra confidence!

Got a question about Pearl's different levels of chamois in their Select, Elite and P.R.O. lines of apparel? Call your favorite cycling clothing experts toll-free at 1-888-817-8060 and we'd be glad to share our advice, experience and expertise.

Pearl Jam!

Team-inspired construction and performance fabrics in the Elite LTD jerseys are combined with sublimated graphics and Direct-Vent side panels for style, performance and comfort. Combine with matching Elite LTD bib shorts, as shown in the models above, and you've got a full team kit ensemble as colorful as you.

Women's Specific Designs are the Designated Ringers of Pearl Izumi's 2011 Catalog

(left): Japanese cherry blossoms and detailed stitching on the Women's Elite LTD jersey and matching Elite LTD shorts makes this one of our favorite women's kits in the Pearl peloton.

"These aren't men's jerseys just sized down anymore; it's a complete women's line," explains our San Diego Pearl Izumi Rep.

After perusing the collection for ourselves and noting the fine details stitched within each piece, down to the cursive scripting on every women's jersey or shorts; the flattering designs incorporating hour-glass shaped color blocks to give its wearers a slender, trim-to-waistline appearance; angled jersey pockets to provide easy, on-bike access; larger grippers that are welded, not stitched to lie flat against the leg, rather than the dreaded "sausage casing;" and a well-stocked library of color stories to aid in easy accessorizing and matching of tops and bottoms, we couldn't agree more.
Pearl's taken their compression-style shorts to a whole new level for the new year. We love the detailing on these 2011 P.R.O. In-R-Cool Shorts for women, pictured above, right down to the cuff line. Cycling shorts that grip the leg securely to prevent ride-up, without cutting into the leg? Sign us up.

Pearl Izumi's new 2011 Ultrastar shorts for women, such as the White Spyro seen here, have a little something extra: waistband and cuffs that can be rolled up to show off some extra design and flair. Whether you roll them up or lie flat against the skin, you can wear them to spin class or the next group ride and feel fit, fast, comfortable and ready for anything. Non-constricting leg gripper = "anti-sausage effect"--a nice bonus!

Our Favorite Innovation in the Upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 Collection
Note the new radio pocket, left, to be included in the P.R.O. and Elite lines of jerseys for both men and women. Designed as an extra hidden rear jersey pocket, this sweat-proof storage compartment is a convenient place to stash your cell phone, GPS unit or music player without fearing the sweat of your labor will render your electronics incapacitated. And with a built-in cord plug for easy access to your IPod, MP3 player or team radio, you'll never miss a call up to the front again.


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