27 December 2012

70% Off Sale at Bicyclinghub Through the New Year

Hundreds of jerseys priced at 70% below retail.
Now's your chance to save 50-70% off of our already low prices on cycling apparel and accessories.  We've had so many nice people stop by our retail shop at 642 SE Stark Street here in Portland, that we decided to continue our year-end blowout bash through the new year.  So now, you needn't fret if Santa passed you by, or worse nicked your wallet on his way back to the north pole.

This Castelli jersey and bib totals $57 with discounts.  Regular price $200
Bicyclinghub.com carries a wide array of cycling apparel brands, including Canari, Showers Pass, Primal Wear, Castelli, Santini, Adrenaline Promotions, Retro Image Apparel, Micro Beer Jerseys, Sheila Moon, Pearl Izumi and many more. 
Here are just a few examples of the tremendous deals to be had at Bicyclinghub's year-end blowout:

*Canari Rain Jackets at $20.00 (regular price $50)

*Castelli Bib Shorts at $33.00 (regular price $110) - A jaw dropping 70% savings!!

*Sheila Moon Women's Jerseys at $21.00 (regular price $70)
*Pearl Izumi Men's Long Sleeve Jerseys at $50, Women's at $40 - A 50% savings!!

*Pearl Izumi Children's Cycling Jerseys at $5.00 (regular price $25)

Everything must go!
We're extending our normal business hours to run Thursday and Friday until 6:00 pm, as well as Saturday and Monday from 10:00 - 2:00ish.

Stop in and meet our friendly staff, try on whatever you'd like, and feel free to bring your friends. We'd be willing to extend our hours to accommodate a group of five or more - just call us at 503/234-9898. Can't make it in, check us out online at: http://www.bicyclinghub.com/

19 December 2012

Sleigh Ride To Savings

Bicyclinghub.com has gleefully donned our Santa hats to bring you, our loyal cycling friends, holiday cheer a plenty.   Join us at our retail store located at 642 SE Stark Street to enjoy the biggest cycling apparel and accessory blowout to date.

Bicyclinghub elves worked all through the night transforming their closeouts into gifts for good little boys and girls everywhere.  Many products are deeply discounted. At 50-70% off our already low prices, you can afford to give and to receive!

Some of the brands represented are: Pearl Izumi, Showers Pass, Canari, Castelli , Retro, Primal Wear, Assos, Santini, Craft and many more.  To give you a little preview of what's in Santa's workshop, the following represent just a few of the awesome deals you can take advantage of

  • Castelli Presto Bib Shorts, SRP $110                                           Holiday Price $33.00
  • Primal Wear Children's Jerseys, SRP $30                                 Holiday Price $5.00
  • Sheila Moon Women's Jerseys, SRP $70                                    Holiday Price $21.00
  • Castelli Viva Women's Long Sleeve Jersey, SRP $120           Holiday Price $60.00
  • Assos Men's Base Layer, XXL, SRP $110                                   Holiday Price $20.00
  • Canari Velo Rain Jacket, Safety Yellow, SRP $45                    Holiday Price $20.00
  • Pearl Izumi Women's Thermal Long Sleeve, SRP $80            Holiday Price $40.00
  • Pearl Izumi Men's Thermal Long Sleeve, SRP $100               Holiday Price $50.00
  • Castelli Wrap Due Shoe Cover, MSRP $60                                 Holiday Price $30.00
Santa is out making his rounds, but Bicyclinghub's elves will open the doors of the workshop on the following days and times:  Wednesday 12/20 - 10am to 6pm, Thursday 12/21 - 10am to 6:30pm, Friday 12/21 - 10am to 6:30 pm, Saturday 12/22 - 10am to 2pm, Monday 12/24 - 10am to 2pm.  If the Mayan calendar is wrong, Bicyclinghub's regular hours will resume December 26th.  Should it truly be end of days, please enjoy the rapture.

14 December 2012

Remembering Roger Mallette

 Friend and Creative Innovator Roger Mallette 

Gone But Not Forgotten

Thousands of bicyclists around the globe know the Retro Image Apparel brand, but few know how Roger Mallette doggedly pursued his dream of bringing iconic vintage imagery to cyclists everywhere.  In just ten short years Roger transformed a $250.00 investment and a sidewalk t-shirt booth into his successful company, Retro Image Apparel.  Roger’s artistic spirit and tireless work ethic are the stuff of legend and a source of inspiration to us all.

Embodying the spirit of his adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon, Roger Mallette lived all of his 48 years out loud.  Roger’s vibrant personality brought joy to the cycling community.  His dedication and generosity brought jobs and growth to Portland.  His love and friendship bettered our lives.  His absence affects us all and we are saddened by the loss of our dear friend.

We at Bicyclinghub.com couldn’t be prouder to have been witness to Roger’s success.  Owner, Doug Duguay, fondly remembers the early days when he and Roger shared office space, forging the close friendship that both men enjoyed for many years.  In expressing his profound grief at Roger’s passing, “Roger was like a brother to me,” Doug said "my heart has been heavy since I learned of his passing a week ago." 

Since joining us here in Portland four years ago, Roger embraced our local love of beer and bikes with gusto.  As was his nature, he wasted no time expressing his love of Portland culture by collaborating with local institutions like Lucky Lab Brewing Co. to produce his whimsical and much loved brand of cycling jerseys, Micro Beer Jerseys.  

Please join us in celebrating Roger’s life by proudly wearing his art, as carried on by the good folks at Retro Image Apparel.

Bicylinghub.com proudly carries a full line of Retro and Micro Beer Jerseys, which we encourage you to wear in Roger's honor.

11 December 2012

Overcoming Obstacles: ’Tis the Season

By Lucy Burningham

BicyclingHub.com Encourages You To Ride More In 2013!

Let’s be honest. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, it’s a difficult time to get out and ride, no matter how much you love being in the saddle. Whether you’re staring out the window at lashing rains or blowing snowdrifts, or in the middle of making hot cocoa or beef stew, most likely every cell in your body is saying: “Stay indoors. Or else.”

Does this look fun?  Try Cyclocross to keep the pounds off
Photo Courtesy BikePortland.org
But the “or else” is your sliver of opportunity. Or else what? Or else you’ll pedal your way to better mental and physical health, which is just as, if not more, important than when it’s 70 degrees and sunny outside.

 Start with your state of mind. With shorter hours of daylight, many of us are fighting symptoms of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Easy cures? Going outside and exercising regularly
Exercise helps!  Then there’s your body. This is the season of potlucks, rich foods and holiday drinks, which means you’re likely to pack on some extra pounds. Getting on your bike will help prevent weight gain. Besides, if you keep up a regular riding schedule now, you’ll be the one dropping the pack during springtime training rides.

How to make it happen? These are our favorite ways to make sure we get out the door, Remember, riding is fun!

Bicyclinghub.com staff ride all year
1. Establish your riding posse. Organize a reliable group of friends, family or coworkers who aren’t above applying some peer pressure when it comes to showing up for rides.
2. Schedule regular rides that happen no matter what, which includes weather “events.”
3. Organize your gear ahead of time. It’s way too easy to get lazy if your favorite waterproof gloves are M.I.A.
4. Winterize your bike. Clean your bike and re-grease your chain on a regular basis. Consider switching to studded tires, depending on where you live.
5. As the Scandinavian say goes, "there's no bad weather, just bad clothing." From your head to your toes, BicyclingHub.com can help you stay warm and dry with the right clothing for winter.
6. Promise yourself a sweet reward. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little treat for getting out on your bike, be it a snifter of scotch or permission to call in sick on a powder day.

What kind of obstacles have you overcome to continue riding in the winter?  We want to hear your story. Send us an email telling us how you’ve become a winter riding warrior to sales@bicyclinghub.com. We’ll be posting our favorite submissions in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Award-winning author and writer Lucy Burningham has been working as a journalist for the past twelve years. She covers travel, food, and craft beer for a variety of magazines, newspapers, and guidebooks. Her work has appeared in Sunset, Imbibe, Outside, Men's Journal, VIA, Edible Portland and Beer Northwest, as well as The New York Times, The Oregonian, and The Los Angeles Times. http://www.lucyburningham.com/.  Lucy is also the co-author of "Hop in the Saddle" A Guide To Portland's Craft Beer Scene, by Bike.  

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