12 January 2012

Top 5 Reasons Cyclists Choose Bib Shorts over Cycling Shorts

Team Garmin-Cervelo sets the pace at the front of the pack.

5.  It's not "PRO" to wear anything else.  If you want to look "Euro-Pro," take it to the next level by showing up at a group ride only half-dressed to ride with bib shorts on, straps dangling down by your side, brandishing a cotton cycling t-shirt and cycling cap. Continue getting dressed in the parking lot with less than five minutes to go and still roll up to the start on time perfectly assembled.

4.  No waistbands.  Lack of a waistband means no drawstring or itchy elastic cutting into your abdomen, reducing oxygen intake and restricting blood flow. A waistband can also collect and retain moisture, reducing comfort and increasing potential for chafing. Wearing bibshorts will leave you feeling completely free and comfortable in the torso. No waistband problems also means no shorts riding down as you pedal, giving those drafting your rear wheel more than they bargained for.

3.  Chamois stays put.  Traditional cycling shorts can tend to slip down a little over time, and the seatpad can move with them. The result? Potential for chafing, saddle sores, and unhappy times. Keeping that seatpad/chamois snug to the body and in place plays a large part in bib shorts being found by most, if not all, to be the most comfortable option for a riding short.

Castelli's top-of-the-line Progetto X2 chamois packs a powerful punch.  Sculpted foam layers, gel inserts designed to relieve pressure off soft tissue areas, and a perforated, highly breathable top chamois layer guarantee maximum comfort for those long days in the saddle.

2.  Straps equal an exponentially increased comfort factor.  Lightweight, cool and breathable mesh straps over the shoulders, rather than restrictive drawstrings or elastic at the waist, serve to hold shorts up in the proper position. Before bibs were common, cyclists would often use suspenders to hold their traditional shorts in place. The modern bib offers a far more comfortable and effective means of doing the job. As with anything, the universal truth holds: PROPER FIT IS KEY TO OPTIMAL COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE. For help with getting the right fit, consult the Ensuring Proper Fit guidelines in our BicyclingHub.com Buyer's Guide to Bib Shorts.

Pearl Izumi Women's Drop Tail Bibs give
female riders the ability to go easily when on the go.
1.  Bare midriffs are a fashion faux pas.  Unless you're Gwen Stefani, the belly shirt probably isn't your thing--especially when you're out braving the elements on a long ride. Race jerseys tend to be cut short and aero and some riders (especially the tall and lanky set) may find certain jerseys tend to creep up the back and/or ride up the front, especially in that hands in the air victory salute. With bibshorts being obviously cut higher than a traditional short, a fluid transition between shorts and jersey--along with good form--is maintained at all times. To the onlooker, your bibshort and cycling jersey will look just like a jersey and traditional short would; to the wearer though, the difference is as stark as night and day.

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Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bibshorts!
Bib shorts are found by the majority of cyclists to be the most comfortable option for a riding short. If you're already a convert then you'll probably know exactly what we're talking about! Many who start using bibs say that they will never look back - sounds like what we all used to say about pedals when clipless were first introduced. Let the cycling clothing experts at BicyclingHub.com help you find the right pair of bib shorts for your style of riding and learn why we say in the office, "Once you go bibs, you never go back!"

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fatbear said...

one reason cyclists choose chorts over bibs: how the heck do you pee?

FrankK said...

The 6 th and most important reason is that when you make that transition to the saddle and catch the chamois on the nose of said saddle, you don't show your "ass", "arse", "backside","bum" to the whole world.
If truth be told it's the number 1 reason.

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ianfilioludick said...

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