31 August 2012

Castelli Jersey Sizing

Castelli Cycling Jerseys

Customer Care Guru Adrian
If you are at all unsure of your size please call us Toll Free: 888-817-8060 or email sales@bicyclinghub.com. We are committed to helping Castelli customers get the correct size.  

To the left, our Customer Care Guru Adrian, modeling the proper fit of the Castelli Italia cycling jersey.

As with their bib short, the general rule for Castelli cycling jerseys is they tend to run small.  Most individuals will want to size up one size from the American size (same is true with Australian and UK sizing.)  In same cases, we have known individuals who prefer a looser fit to size up a two whole sizes from their normal size.

Since a jersey has two functions, to keep you cool and to make you aerodynamic, proper fit takes these two things into consideration.

Jerseys are designed to fit you best when you're in the riding position.  When off the bike, it may fit you slightly short and snug, on the bike it will be perfect.

Castelli employs their proprietary Prosecco technical fabric, which excels at wicking moisture away from your body quickly.  The more snug the fit, the better this cooling function works.

All of our size charts are located in our product pages in the sizing chart tab below.  The red arrow marks where they are.   

Castelli has this to say about jersey sizing on their website:

"1. On your bike, the Castelli jersey fits close to the skin. While riding, you don’t feel or hear any flapping fabric, and due to the moisture-wicking properties of the materials, you feel cooler and drier.

2. Off the bike, your Castelli jersey might feel tight across the chest and a little short in front. That is because the jersey is designed to fit the rider in the riding position-a jersey that fits shorter and tighter while standing becomes a perfectly fitting piece of clothing when you get on your bike and lean over to your bars.

3. Our fabrics are specifically engineered to wick moisture away from your skin. Our Prosecco treatment helps spread moisture more quickly and evenly to where it can evaporate to cool your body, keeping your core body temperature lower and thus helping you perform better.

4. The other important aspect of a close-fitting jersey is the aerodynamic advantage it provides. We have designed our jerseys with the sleeves articulated forward into the natural riding position to provide maximum body contact and comfort with minimum binding, wrinkles, and excess fabric in both the back and the front of the jersey."

Call us toll free at 888-817-8060!  If you have any question about sizing at all, we're more than happy to help you get your questions answered and get products to you that will fit properly.

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