31 January 2013

Cycling Helps Me Control My Diabetes by Kim Southwick

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on August 29, 2007, my 38th birthday.  I had lost 30 pounds over the course of a month and a half, 3 of them overnight.  I knew that morning that something was wrong with me.  So much for my tapeworm jokes.    

At my diagnosis, my nurse was a soft talker.  All I got was that her cat was diabetic and that type 1 is the "good kind" of diabetes.  I stabbed an orange a few times, was handed a small novel of prescriptions (except the needles, cause, really, who needs to inject insulin in this day and age?!), and then was told to get an appointment at the Joslin Diabetes Center.  My nurse and doctor showed me the door with a "good luck" tossed in for good measure, and I was on my own with a deadly disease.

The first month of living with type 1 was surreal.  I didn't feel right.  Ever.  Everything from my head to my toes just felt off.  This was the new normal and I can't say I was embracing it.  While my sugars dropped into an acceptable range, I read everything I could about type 1.  Exercise was mentioned over and over and over in each book or article.  I had always been a big walker, but my attempts at it as a new type 1 were painful.  My sugar shot over 300 and I felt like garbage every time.  I was giving up on walking very quickly and at a loss of what to replace it with.  

One afternoon my kids asked to go for a bike ride. A banged up bike came with our condo purchase, and banged up is being generous.  The chain was leaving rust flakes behind as we rolled out and I vaguely remember dropping my feet and doing a Fred Flintstone to stop that thing from catapulting me into traffic.  But once I'd gotten over the shock of it all, the second nature of it came back.   It was just like riding a bike!  My blood sugar was around 160 when we left.  About 20 mins into our ride (and mind you, this was no group ride hammer-fest, it was a mom and two little ones buzzing around the neighborhood) I started to feel wrong.  Really wrong.  Sweaty, disoriented, weird.  My sugar had dropped to 60.  I couldn't believe it!  What a difference it had been from my walks.  I was thrilled (not with the number which was way too low, but with the idea of riding a bike to help control my disease) and psyched to have figured out my solution!

Fast forward to 5 years later, I own no less than 7 bikes (low rider, commute, road and some in between!) and came very close to sleeping in my Sidi's when I bought them brand new!  I have completed 4 centuries with the JDRF in Death Valley CA, and am heading out for my 5th in October.  With the ADA, I've ridden Orlando (with my brother), Gloucester (with my husband) and RI (with my children).  I ride 12 miles, round trip each day on my commute to work and I do it year round.  Rain or shine, snow or sleet, I'm going to ride.  In my book, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!  I am always training for Death Valley, but 2013 is going to find me upping that as I've added several more centuries to my roster.  My husband has hopes to race the Mt Washington race one day and both of my children covet sweet rides, know who Phil Liggett is and that the Tour is in July!  None of us care for Lance...

My bike intercepted my life and likely saved it in the process.  Diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, is deadly.  My rides keep my numbers in line, keep my heart healthy and add enjoyment to my days.  Though I've been hit by cars, jumped  by errant teenagers, yelled at and had stuff thrown at me, I still get on my bike each day.   For me it is all about the ride!  

28 January 2013

Doug Duguay's best winter deals.

Hi, my name is Doug Duguay and I'm the owner of BicyclingHub.com.  We have been selling cycling clothing online for 11 years.  In this blog I'm picking out some great deals that we have on winter clothing right now.

I hope you find this helpful.  If you have any question call me at 888-817-8060 or email me at Sales@bicyclinghub.com and I will guide you through your purchase.

Showers Pass Touring Jacket 
One of our best pieces of rain gear, the Showers Pass Touring jacket is 100% water proof.  Regularly, these were $159.99 but we got these on closeout for $109.99.

Why I like it?  It's 100% waterproof and very breathable.  The ultimate jacket for riding to work or on rainy days.

What do you need to know about this piece?  This jacket, unlike a lot of cycling clothing, fits big.  I wear a large in this and I'm typically an XL in most items and XXL in Castelli.  We currently have XS, M, L and XL in stock.   If you wear a small typically buy the XS.  Same goes with the other sizes.  you wear a large go with a medium, etc.
Buy this jacket here 

Castelli Zoncolan Windstopper Jacket
I love Gore Windstopper Jackets!  To me, they're very breathable, mostly waterproof, very warm!
At $50 off, this jacket is a great value at $149.99

Why I like it?  From temps in the 50 to the 30s Gore Windstopper protects you again the wind while still being breathable.  Unlike other jackets, I don't end up soaking wet on the inside because the jacket doesn't breathe.  I also like the fact that rain runs right off the jacket.

What do you need to know about this piece?  As many know, Castelli tends to run small.  Be sure to size up on the Zoncolan for the best fit.  Call our sizing experts for more advice.  888-817-8060.

Buy this jacket here

27 January 2013

Heroes and Legends- Cycling Trivia by Dave Campbell

During the dark, wet days of winter,
With the long, warm days of summer a distant memory
When a dry day in the mid 40’s gets us excited, & spring sunshine
Still seems impossibly far away, we all need
some inspiration from Pro Cycling…

Q1. Who was the first American to win a major European National Tour? Think carefully…

Q2. Who is the last rider to win Paris-Roubaix and then win Liege-Bastogne-Liege the following week? Keep in mind that today almost NO rider even tows the line for both! The first being the domain of the big, strong cobbled specialists (think Boonen & Cancellara) and the latter being for the climbers (think Andy Schleck & Joaquim Rodriguez).

Q3. Who is the last rider to win the Tour de France while clad in the Rainbow stripes of World Road Champion?

A1. Marianne Martin won the first women's Tour de France in 1984. Andrew Hampsten (La Vie Claire), in the 1986 Tour de Suisse. Of course, this was overshadowed the next month when his teammate Greg Lemond (defeating his other teammate and domestique deluxe in Switzerland, Bernard Hinault) triumphed in a certain race in France.

A2. Irishman Sean Kelly, “King of the Classics” who did this unlikely double in 1984, a year in which he won a staggering 33 races.

A3. American Greg Lemond, then riding for the French ‘Z’ Team, back in 1990.

22 January 2013

Greg LeMond Cycling Trivia by Dave Campbell


Q1. In addition to his widely heralded Three Tour de France wins, Lemond had three additional Grand Tour Podiums. Can you name all three?

Q2. Often chided for poor early season form, Lemond actually won quite a number of early season races. In fact, Greg Lemond won stages at all of the following early season events SAVE ONE: Mediterranean Tour, Tirreno-Adriatico, Paris-Nice, & Tour of Valencia.

Q3. The event where Lemond won the most stages in his career was the Tour de France with five: The Final TT in 1985, the Superbagneres Mountain Stage in 1986, and two TTs and a road stage in 1989. In which event, did Lemond score his SECOND highest number of Stage wins

Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong were once friends.

A1. 3rd in the 1984 Tour, 3rd in the 1985 Giro, and 2nd in the 1985 Tour. He also was a very close 4th (after some very bad luck) in the 1986 Giro.

A2. Only in Paris-Nice was Greg not triumphant at least once. Lemond won Stage 3 of Tirreno in 1982, a stage in the Mediterranean Tour in 1983, and a stage in Valencia in 1986.

A3. It is actually a tie: Greg won four stages in both the Dauphine Libere (three in 1983 enroute to the win there and another in 1984) and the Coors Classic (two enroute to victory in 1981, one in 1985 again enroute to victory, and one in 1986).

Wondrous Wool - Bicyclinghub.com Examines Wool Cycling Jerseys

When one thinks of wool clothing, sports apparel is likely to be the last thing that comes to mind.  We at Bicyclinghub.com are doing our best to bring wool cycling jerseys to the forefront of the cycling gear market by educating cyclists on the wonders of wool.

Wool has survived the test of time because of its unique natural properties.  Today it remains a masterpiece of design, holding its own in a sea of competing technologically advanced fibers. 
Why are we so crazy about wool cycling jerseys?  Glad you asked - when it comes to form meeting function, we believe wool to be superior over most synthetic fibers for a number of reasons, which we've listed below.  Also, nothing can compare to the classic styling inherent in today's wool cycling jerseys, which look great on or off the bike.  
With manufacturers like Castelli producing high quality Merino wool* cycling jerseys in a range of prices, we think wool is what you've been waiting for.  

A few of the unique properties that separate wool from the rest of the pack are:

Wool NATURALLY Aids In Body Temperature Regulation
Because it absorbs moisture, wool provides superior comfort in both hot and cold weather.  When cold, even a little moisture on the skin can make the rider cold quickly, lowering the body's core temperature.  The naturally occurring crimp in wool's fiber structure traps pockets of air between the fibers, acting as natural insulation to keep the wearer warm and dry.  This same insulation process works in hot weather to help keep you cooler.  By effectively evaporating sweat, wool aids in the body's cooling process.  Also, the natural insulation acts as a buffer keeping hot air at bay, which keeps you cool and dry. 

Wool is NATURALLY Water Repellent
While wool can absorb moisture, its fibers have scales on their outer surface, which repel liquid.  For example, if you were to use your wool sweater to mop up a spill, you'd only find yourself pushing the liquid around.  Similarly, if you are caught in a downpour in that same wool sweater, it would take quite awhile for the rain to penetrate the wool thereby keeping you dry.  Of course, even wool can get wet, but when it does, wool's insulating fibers actually generate heat, preventing clamminess. Wool can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture before becoming truly damp.  

Wool is NATURALLY Stretchy
Wool's natural elasticity is greater than that of any other fiber, which makes it conform to the shape of the body resulting in superior comfort.  Dry wool stretches about 30% with wet fibers stretching as much as 60-70%.  This elasticity translates into the freedom of movement vital in a cycling jersey.

Wool NATURALLY Wears Longer
Wool maintains its good appearance and stays new looking longer than other fabrics, which is why people hang on to their favorite wool pieces for decades.

Wool NATURALLY Resists Static
As wool naturally absorbs moisture from the air, the tendency to collect static electricity is reduced, making wool garments much less likely to cling to the body.

Wool NATURALLY Resists Dirt
Wool resists dirt, retains its appearance, and stays cleaner longer due in part to the scales on the outside of the fibers, which keep dirt from penetrating the surface.  Also, since wool resists static electricity, dust in the air isn't attracted to it.

Wool NATURALLY Diminishes Body Order
The internal layers of wool's fiber actually bind with the acidic, basic and sulfurous enzymes that comprise body odor.  The exterior scales have anti-bacterial properties. These properties, in conjunction with wool's moisture barrier, reduce the opportunity for odors to accumulate.  Wool doesn't retain odor and will freshen when aired out. 

Wool is NATURALLY Fashionable
Leading designers everywhere prefer to use wool because it comes it takes dye beautifully and comes in a wide array of textures and weights.  Wool is flexible, alive, tailors easily, and resists wrinkling.
*The fibers of Merino wool are so fine that they do not itch with one study showing that nearly 100% of Merino wool wearers tested experienced no discomfort at all.     
   Questions about wool cycling jerseys? Contact Bicyclinghub.com

15 January 2013

Castelli Winter Clearance Sale

With Jack Frost nipping at our heels, Bicyclinhub.com is promoting winter riding by offering some of the best deals ever on Castelli winter cycling apparel.

Big or small, short or tall, we're dressing y'all!  Here are just a few of our favorite Castelli Clearance Sale picks:

Castelli Constante Wool Cycling Jersey
SRP $159.99 - Sale Price: $89.99 

Castelli Free Jacket
SRP $199.99 - Sale Price: $139.99

Castelli Sorpasso Bib Knicker
SRP $149.99 - Sale Price $109.99
Castelli Contanto Long Sleeve Jersey
SRP $119.99 - Sale Price $79.99
Castelli Women's Tenerissimo Cycling Tights
SRP $109.99 - Sale Price $79.99
Castelli Women's Opera Wool Cycling Jersey
SRP $119.99 - Sale Price $79.99

Many More Items Available!
Check these deals out, while supplies last.

Thanks for your support and happy cycling!!

10 January 2013


 Countless Smiles – Endless Miles
Spreading Peace and Happiness Throughout Our Daily Lives

While visiting my family over the holidays in Seattle, I was lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful, rugged hike through Rattlesnake Ridge accompanied by my brother, Mike. The physical exertion calmed my spirit and opened my mind.

Discovery Park
The next day, still feeling a sense of openness and peace, Mike and I enjoyed a wonderfully calm temperate Seattle day walking in Discovery Park. The ghostly gray of the day was marked with a thin ribbon of light, bringing to mind future warmth and happiness.

A cyclist rode past us, causing me to grin widely, and as is my habit, I raised my arm in salute of their passion and cheered them on. The smile of that lone rider provided the impetus for a conversation between my brother and I about what would happen if we, as individuals, could make ten people a day smile? Would those ten people smile at ten more? Could we spread peace and joy throughout the lives of others simply by smiling? Is change that simple?

The notion of infecting others with happiness through free smiles was the inspiration for Bicyclinghub.com’s Project Smile. As a business owner, I’ve built solid relationships with thousands of customers over my ten years in business, which puts me in a wonderfully unique position to harness the energy of the many friends and social media followers Bicyclinghub.com has to promote Project Smile. I threw out a figure, “make 1,000 people smile a day.”
Mike and Doug Duguay, Rattle Snake Ridge

Through all life’s experiences, be they triumphant or turbulent, one concept remains constant: We want to be happy - you, me, all of us. And I ask you to join me in Project Smile, give, receive, and let me know how it changes your life.  If you haven't already, smile, then pass it on!  

Doug Duguay

A Season In The Saddle - Tips and Tricks for Foul Weather Riding

The temptation to hibernate indoors plagues us all when faced with inclement weather conditions.  Here in the Pacific NW, and many other parts of the world, the days dawn windy and wet from November to March, one's resolve to ride can melt faster than yesterday's snow man.

Cycling's benefits to body and spirit need never be sacrificed to winter's wicked whims.  With a little help from friends like us at Bicyclinghub.com, you can reap the rewards of cycling year round in comfort and style.

Fear no front!  Winter riding need not intimidate as gearing up takes only moments and invokes childhood memories of donning moon boots and mittens in anticipation of tasting the season's first snow flake.

To keep the heat remember head, hands, feet! As your body functions like an engine, revving up your heart rate is going to keep you nice and toasty warm when your extremities are properly protected, which brings us to the dos and don'ts for core insulation:
Toes to Nose, Bicyclinghub.com knows:
  • Wet Feet = Defeat - whether your little piggies go to market or stay home they require a little attention.  Working from inside out, let's talk socks: we suggest the happy marriage of ventilation and insulation and recommend Castelli's Merino Wool Cycling Sock as they are thin enough to wear with clicks and warm enough to do the trick.  If opting for street shoes, you may enjoy Castelli's Quindici Soft Cycling Sock.

    When it comes to exterior foot protection, investing in a pair of Castelli Diluvio Shoe Covers will pay your tootsies a handsome dividend year after freezing year (remember to order a half size larger when wearing over street shoes).

  • Dry Digits = Delight - hands are best served by gloves that are incorporate waterproof and insulating fabric technologies, such as the Catelli Diluvio Glove or specifically for the gals, we offer the Castelli Sessanta Donna Women's Glove

  • Nuzzled Noggin = Nirvana - crucial to maintaining your body heat when riding, covering your cabasa also serves to prepare you for stepping out the door.  For generally chilly conditions, we suggest the Castelli Thermo Skully.  For those in need of extra warmth, the Castelli Risvolto Winter Cycling Cap is top notch.
Bicyclinghub.com encourages everyone to experience the pride, passion and peace bicycling affords us all - big or small.  Riding brings us closer to ourselves and to our community and boosts our physical and emotional well-being.  Happy trails from our family to yours!

We are on a mission to spread meaningful content and give you awesome deals on cycling clothing. Like us on Facebook and see for yourself.