01 December 2008

Team Garmin Trivia For December

“America’s Team”…this once meant 7-Eleven, then US Postal/Discovery but now “our” team truly is Jonathan Vaughters band of merry men complete with argyle! Their approach to clean cycling has especially appealed in this era of tainted (and tarnished and banished) sporting events! Their head mechanic is an Oregonian (Daimeon Shanks) by the way, who built his first two bikes in my basement back in the mid 90’s!


Q1: There are TWO key staff members at Team Garmin that still remain from the “original” US Postal Service squad of 1997-98. Name them:

Q2: How many members of the current Garmin formation are past teammates of that oh-so-famous team captain, Lance Armstrong, of the previous incarnation of “America’s Team” US Postal/Discovery Channel. Can you name them?

Q3: Making the podium in a Tour stage is a career-defining moment for any rider. In the 2008 Tour de France, Team Garmin had FOUR different riders make the podium in daily stages, although no wins-a situation they hope to address in 2009. Can you name the four top-three finishers?

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