27 December 2012

70% Off Sale at Bicyclinghub Through the New Year

Hundreds of jerseys priced at 70% below retail.
Now's your chance to save 50-70% off of our already low prices on cycling apparel and accessories.  We've had so many nice people stop by our retail shop at 642 SE Stark Street here in Portland, that we decided to continue our year-end blowout bash through the new year.  So now, you needn't fret if Santa passed you by, or worse nicked your wallet on his way back to the north pole.

This Castelli jersey and bib totals $57 with discounts.  Regular price $200
Bicyclinghub.com carries a wide array of cycling apparel brands, including Canari, Showers Pass, Primal Wear, Castelli, Santini, Adrenaline Promotions, Retro Image Apparel, Micro Beer Jerseys, Sheila Moon, Pearl Izumi and many more. 
Here are just a few examples of the tremendous deals to be had at Bicyclinghub's year-end blowout:

*Canari Rain Jackets at $20.00 (regular price $50)

*Castelli Bib Shorts at $33.00 (regular price $110) - A jaw dropping 70% savings!!

*Sheila Moon Women's Jerseys at $21.00 (regular price $70)
*Pearl Izumi Men's Long Sleeve Jerseys at $50, Women's at $40 - A 50% savings!!

*Pearl Izumi Children's Cycling Jerseys at $5.00 (regular price $25)

Everything must go!
We're extending our normal business hours to run Thursday and Friday until 6:00 pm, as well as Saturday and Monday from 10:00 - 2:00ish.

Stop in and meet our friendly staff, try on whatever you'd like, and feel free to bring your friends. We'd be willing to extend our hours to accommodate a group of five or more - just call us at 503/234-9898. Can't make it in, check us out online at: http://www.bicyclinghub.com/

19 December 2012

Sleigh Ride To Savings

Bicyclinghub.com has gleefully donned our Santa hats to bring you, our loyal cycling friends, holiday cheer a plenty.   Join us at our retail store located at 642 SE Stark Street to enjoy the biggest cycling apparel and accessory blowout to date.

Bicyclinghub elves worked all through the night transforming their closeouts into gifts for good little boys and girls everywhere.  Many products are deeply discounted. At 50-70% off our already low prices, you can afford to give and to receive!

Some of the brands represented are: Pearl Izumi, Showers Pass, Canari, Castelli , Retro, Primal Wear, Assos, Santini, Craft and many more.  To give you a little preview of what's in Santa's workshop, the following represent just a few of the awesome deals you can take advantage of

  • Castelli Presto Bib Shorts, SRP $110                                           Holiday Price $33.00
  • Primal Wear Children's Jerseys, SRP $30                                 Holiday Price $5.00
  • Sheila Moon Women's Jerseys, SRP $70                                    Holiday Price $21.00
  • Castelli Viva Women's Long Sleeve Jersey, SRP $120           Holiday Price $60.00
  • Assos Men's Base Layer, XXL, SRP $110                                   Holiday Price $20.00
  • Canari Velo Rain Jacket, Safety Yellow, SRP $45                    Holiday Price $20.00
  • Pearl Izumi Women's Thermal Long Sleeve, SRP $80            Holiday Price $40.00
  • Pearl Izumi Men's Thermal Long Sleeve, SRP $100               Holiday Price $50.00
  • Castelli Wrap Due Shoe Cover, MSRP $60                                 Holiday Price $30.00
Santa is out making his rounds, but Bicyclinghub's elves will open the doors of the workshop on the following days and times:  Wednesday 12/20 - 10am to 6pm, Thursday 12/21 - 10am to 6:30pm, Friday 12/21 - 10am to 6:30 pm, Saturday 12/22 - 10am to 2pm, Monday 12/24 - 10am to 2pm.  If the Mayan calendar is wrong, Bicyclinghub's regular hours will resume December 26th.  Should it truly be end of days, please enjoy the rapture.

14 December 2012

Remembering Roger Mallette

 Friend and Creative Innovator Roger Mallette 

Gone But Not Forgotten

Thousands of bicyclists around the globe know the Retro Image Apparel brand, but few know how Roger Mallette doggedly pursued his dream of bringing iconic vintage imagery to cyclists everywhere.  In just ten short years Roger transformed a $250.00 investment and a sidewalk t-shirt booth into his successful company, Retro Image Apparel.  Roger’s artistic spirit and tireless work ethic are the stuff of legend and a source of inspiration to us all.

Embodying the spirit of his adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon, Roger Mallette lived all of his 48 years out loud.  Roger’s vibrant personality brought joy to the cycling community.  His dedication and generosity brought jobs and growth to Portland.  His love and friendship bettered our lives.  His absence affects us all and we are saddened by the loss of our dear friend.

We at Bicyclinghub.com couldn’t be prouder to have been witness to Roger’s success.  Owner, Doug Duguay, fondly remembers the early days when he and Roger shared office space, forging the close friendship that both men enjoyed for many years.  In expressing his profound grief at Roger’s passing, “Roger was like a brother to me,” Doug said "my heart has been heavy since I learned of his passing a week ago." 

Since joining us here in Portland four years ago, Roger embraced our local love of beer and bikes with gusto.  As was his nature, he wasted no time expressing his love of Portland culture by collaborating with local institutions like Lucky Lab Brewing Co. to produce his whimsical and much loved brand of cycling jerseys, Micro Beer Jerseys.  

Please join us in celebrating Roger’s life by proudly wearing his art, as carried on by the good folks at Retro Image Apparel.

Bicylinghub.com proudly carries a full line of Retro and Micro Beer Jerseys, which we encourage you to wear in Roger's honor.

11 December 2012

Overcoming Obstacles: ’Tis the Season

By Lucy Burningham

BicyclingHub.com Encourages You To Ride More In 2013!

Let’s be honest. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, it’s a difficult time to get out and ride, no matter how much you love being in the saddle. Whether you’re staring out the window at lashing rains or blowing snowdrifts, or in the middle of making hot cocoa or beef stew, most likely every cell in your body is saying: “Stay indoors. Or else.”

Does this look fun?  Try Cyclocross to keep the pounds off
Photo Courtesy BikePortland.org
But the “or else” is your sliver of opportunity. Or else what? Or else you’ll pedal your way to better mental and physical health, which is just as, if not more, important than when it’s 70 degrees and sunny outside.

 Start with your state of mind. With shorter hours of daylight, many of us are fighting symptoms of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Easy cures? Going outside and exercising regularly
Exercise helps!  Then there’s your body. This is the season of potlucks, rich foods and holiday drinks, which means you’re likely to pack on some extra pounds. Getting on your bike will help prevent weight gain. Besides, if you keep up a regular riding schedule now, you’ll be the one dropping the pack during springtime training rides.

How to make it happen? These are our favorite ways to make sure we get out the door, Remember, riding is fun!

Bicyclinghub.com staff ride all year
1. Establish your riding posse. Organize a reliable group of friends, family or coworkers who aren’t above applying some peer pressure when it comes to showing up for rides.
2. Schedule regular rides that happen no matter what, which includes weather “events.”
3. Organize your gear ahead of time. It’s way too easy to get lazy if your favorite waterproof gloves are M.I.A.
4. Winterize your bike. Clean your bike and re-grease your chain on a regular basis. Consider switching to studded tires, depending on where you live.
5. As the Scandinavian say goes, "there's no bad weather, just bad clothing." From your head to your toes, BicyclingHub.com can help you stay warm and dry with the right clothing for winter.
6. Promise yourself a sweet reward. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little treat for getting out on your bike, be it a snifter of scotch or permission to call in sick on a powder day.

What kind of obstacles have you overcome to continue riding in the winter?  We want to hear your story. Send us an email telling us how you’ve become a winter riding warrior to sales@bicyclinghub.com. We’ll be posting our favorite submissions in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Award-winning author and writer Lucy Burningham has been working as a journalist for the past twelve years. She covers travel, food, and craft beer for a variety of magazines, newspapers, and guidebooks. Her work has appeared in Sunset, Imbibe, Outside, Men's Journal, VIA, Edible Portland and Beer Northwest, as well as The New York Times, The Oregonian, and The Los Angeles Times. http://www.lucyburningham.com/.  Lucy is also the co-author of "Hop in the Saddle" A Guide To Portland's Craft Beer Scene, by Bike.  

20 November 2012

American Pioneers November Cycling Trivia with Answers


November 2012
Before there was Lance, Tyler, EPO, or American Tour Winners…
In Honor of the American Pioneers”
by Dave Campbell

Q1. Who was the first American to race the Giro d’Italia? When did he complete this historic and largely unheralded feat?

Q2. Most people know that Jonathan Boyer was the first American to ride the Tour de France (an event so special and historic that he wore a Stars and Stripes jersey despite the lack of a National Championship Road Race at the time…or even enough Pros to contest one!), but what was his BEST PLACING? When did he accomplish this?

Q3. What was the first European pro win for the young phenom from Nevada Greg Lemond?

A1. Smilin’ George Mount of California rode the Giro d’Italia in 1981, 3 years before an American team, and 4 years before Greg Lemond and 7-Eleven. He rode for Sammontana-Benotto (alongside Italian legends Roberto Visentini and Moreno Argentin) and finished a solid 25th, 39:20 down on race winner Giovanni Battaglin.

A2. Boyer, riding for Sem-Reydel-Mavic alongside Sean Kelly, was 12th in the 1983 Tour, 19:57 down on race winner Laurent Fignon. He was actually in 9th prior to the penultimate stage time trial.

A3. Stage One of the Tour d’Oise (A now defunct June Stage Race that was one of France’s top five stage races in the early 80s) in a small group sprint in front of his friend Australian Phil Anderson.

17 November 2012

Cycling Jersey Sizing

The rule is that there are no rules when it comes to cycling jersey sizing.   Different manufacturers all have different rules for sizing cycling clothing.   Castelli, our most popular brand of cycling jerseys, makes their jerseys small to match European sizes.  Most of our customers prefer to order one size larger in Castelli items while some even prefer to order two sizes larger.  

For many of our brands we produce videos explaining sizing.  We shot this video earlier this year about Castelli.

View our full line of cycling jerseys here 

We go to great lengths to make sure we provide 100% accurate sizing information to our customers.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to call our cycling clothing experts at 888-817-8060.  Here's a sizing chart that we created for our line of college jerseys

College cycling jersey sizing.

For these jerseys we have measure these jerseys in 4 different places to ensure that you get a perfect fit.

Here's a jersey we produced for college cycling jerseys 

More videos by brand- 


Pearl Izumi:

Cycling Jersey Buyers Guide

We are republishing this from our website.   With the holidays approaching a lot of people are buying their first cycling jersey.  Bicyclinghub.com can help you find the perfect cycling jersey for your loved ones! 

Why Buy a Cycling Jersey

Cycling specific sportswear is designed for your riding comfort, and with the functionality that will allow you to perform at your best throughout your workouts on the bike. Of course, a certain amount of form goes along with the high function of a bike jersey. Premium quality sublimation printing, from most if not all manufacturers, makes for infinite possibilities with strong colorfast designs that not only express your individual style , but make you more visible and safe out there on the road. All of us who choose to spend many hours in the saddle will undoubtedly accumulate a collection of cycling jerseys, and will rarely ride without one.Whatever your riding involves, be it commuting, racing, touring, weekend recreation, group rides, road or off-road, fast, slow or steady-paced, a cycling jersey makes sense every time. Here are some of the features that you would expect to find in a cycle jersey, that make it so much better than riding in just a cotton tee:

  • Let's start with fabric. A bike jersey will be made using highly technical and lightweight fabrics. These will always wick moisture away from the body and to the outside of the garment, where it can speedily evaporate. The upshot is that you stay dry and do not overheat as you work out. In the case of a cotton tee this moisture would be absorbed and stay damp for some time, even after your ride is long over. Premium brands such as Castelli have special treatments applied their performance fabrics to make them even better. These fabrics will also provide UV protection in the Summer months. We all on occasion see some riders going shirtless on a beautiful day. Not recommended! Sun protection is so important, and hey- where do you carry your house keys?! There are of course different fabric options available offering thermal protection, water and wind resistance, suited to cooler weather riding jerseys.
  • The fit, for both men's and women's cycling jerseys, will typically be fairly close, but still allow freedom of movement. This close fit makes you more aerodynamic on the bike and also allows the fast-wicking fabric to carry perspiration away from the body more effectively. Of course fit is a personal preference and as well as race-cut, super form fitting garments (some which are even tailored to the actual riding position), there are more relaxed options, sometimes called a 'club-fit'.
  • Additional extremely useful features included on pretty much all cycling jerseys are the front zipper and rear cargo pockets. The length of the front zipper on a cycling jersey can vary from a short zip, to 3/4 length, all the way to a full-length zipper. The zipper allows easily adjustable additional ventilation. You can open your jersey all the way down as you work your way up a long arduous climb, and easily close it up again for that exhilerating and breezy descent! Those rear pockets are a must, and will easily accommodate most essentials that you take on your rides, like cell-phones, house keys, money, energy snacks, a spare tube, a vest or cape, or those armwarmers you started out with. Some jersey pockets now have a secure zipper compartment for coins or keys.All of us here at Bicyclinghub.com proudly consider ourselves to be cycling jersey experts, and would love to share our collective wisdom and experience with you. Whether you are looking for your first jersey, a gift, or perhaps giving a brand you haven't used before a try, we are happy to assist with product information and sizing advice. You can reach one of our cycle clothing experts Toll-free at 1-888-817-8060 during our office hours, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific Time.

  • Click here to see BicyclingHub.com's full line of cycling jerseys

    15 November 2012

    American Pioneers - Bicyclinghub.com Cycling Trivia by Dave Campbell

    November 2012
    Before there was Lance, Tyler, EPO, or American Tour Winners…
    In Honor of the American Pioneers”

    Q1. Who was the first American to race the Giro d’Italia? When did he complete this historic and largely unheralded feat?

    Q2. Most people know that Jonathan Boyer was the first American to ride the Tour de France (an event so special and historic that he wore a Stars and Stripes jersey despite the lack of a National Championship Road Race at the time…or even enough Pros to contest one!), but what was his BEST PLACING? When did he accomplish this?

    Q3. What was the first European pro win for the young phenom from Nevada Greg Lemond?

    'Fabulous World of Cycling.'
    Answers to be published November 19th!

    03 November 2012

    Castelli's Inferno Bibs Beat The Heat.

    Now in stock!  Castelli's already strong line of bibs is getting stronger! Castelli's Inferno bib shorts are one of the lightest and with cool mesh one of the coolest bibs ever created. 

    Purchase Castelli Inferno Bibs Here

    BicyclingHub.com's Loves Castelli Bibs Check Out Of Full Line of Bibs

    The joy of riding and racing in the rain.

    I found this video the other day and thought it was pretty cute.  I cannot tell you why but as long as I'm not chilled to the bone I love riding in the rain.  I think this video shows that joy.

    Featured in the video is the Showers Pass Elite 2.0.  The 2.0 is the flagship piece of the Showers Pass line!  http://www.bicyclinghub.com/shpawoel20ja.html

    02 November 2012

    2012 Cyclo Cross Halloween Video

    For the 2nd straight year, BicyclingHub.com is proud to sponsor the 2012 Cross Crusade video by Dan Kaufman of Crank My Chain TV.

    We are biased, we think this is the funniest video that Kaufman has produced.  See it here.

    See all of BicyclingHub.com's videos at our Youtube page.

    20 October 2012

    Showers Pass Double Century EX

    We produced a short video showing the main features of the Showers Pass Double Century EX jacket.

    To purchase the Showers Pass Double Century EX go here

    From our website:

    Showers Pass Double Century EX

    Light, foldable, water proof and breathable-the Showers Pass Double Century EX is the answer for uncertain skies

    Buy This Jacket If you ride in changing conditions. The Double Century is the perfect lightweight, foldable and waterproof jacket from Showers Pass.

  • Seam taped so the jacket is 100% wind and waterproof for extra comfort
  • Core vents and and back vent allows for a little or a lot of ventilation
  • Two way zipper for extra venting
  • 3M reflective material throughout the jacket for 360 degrees of safety
  • Chest pocket with water resistant zipper
  • Optional hood available
  • Loop in the back to attach a blinking light for safety.
  • Cinch cord on hem
  • 18 October 2012

    College Cycling Jerseys

    By Douglas Duguay

    We are pleased to announce that Bicyclinghub.com has agreed to partner with Adrenaline Promotions to offer more College Cycling Jerseys on our website.   Our current offering includes jerseys from 67 different Universities from around the United States.  In the coming weeks, we expect to expand that offering to include over 100 different schools to our website!

    Castelli Endurance Bibs Bicycling Magazines Best Bib Shorts Under $160

    Bicycling Magazine has named Castelli's Endurance Bib Shorts an Editor's Choice pick for Best Bib Shorts $160 or less.  We agree with Bicycling!  For the past 6 months Castelli's work horse short has been our best selling bib short.

    Castelli Endurance Cycling Bib Shorts Black The magazine is quoted as saying.  "Broad thigh grippers feel comfortable against your skin and work effectively to hold the shorts in place. The bib straps are very thin and light, properties that help them to move moisture away from your skin. We also thought this chamois had the perfect density."  

    To purchase Castelli's Endurance bibs click here https://www.bicyclinghub.com/castelli-endurance-x2-bib-short/

    15 October 2012

    Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Features

    Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Jacket Back Viewby Douglas Duguay, owner Bicyclinghub.com

    Venting is key with the Showers Pass Elite 2.1 jacket.   This vent in the back lets maximum heat and sweat vapor out the back of the jacket.   When combined with highly breathable eVent fabric this jacket will not only keep you dry on the outside, it will also keep you dry on the inside because sweat will not accumulate on your body.

    The Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Jacket has several safety features that help you stand out on the bike.   Along the top of the back vent is 3M reflective tape.  Also along the top of the vent in a loop that allows you to attach a blinking tail light for added visibility in low light conditions.  The Showers Pass logo is also reflective.

    Water proof media port.  A lot of riders like to listen to music or talk on the phone when the ride.  The Showers Pass Elite 2.1 features a handy media port so you can string your headphones through your pocket!

    Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Arm Pit Vents
    The vents underneath the arms of this jacket allow tons of airflow!  Air will pass through the pit zips and then exit through the back vent.  Additionally, the zippers are also water proof and will not allow moisture in unless un-zipped.  

    Guest Product Review- Showers Pass Elite 2.0

    David Padfield ready for the elements as the All Season cyclist.
    David Padfield
    by David Padfield, All Season Cyclist http://allseasonscyclist.com/ 

    Published with permission of the author.  
    I can’t say I enjoy cycling in the rain, but I seem to do it a lot anyway—a good ride in the rain beats a day in the office anytime. In the past ten years I’ve probably purchased a dozen rain jackets for cycling, but most of them fell short of my expectations. A few years ago I read one blogger who said that if you ride in the rain very often you will end up with a Showers Pass jacket, but you will probably waste a lot of money on inferior jackets before you do. Last year I bought a Showers Pass Touring Jacket and liked it so well that I later bought a Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Jacket as well.
    Showers Pass Elite 2.0 Rain Jacket For Cyclists
    Showers Pass Elite 2.0 Rain Jacket
    When it comes breathability in a rain jacket I don’t think you could find anything better than a Showers Pass jacket. On a breathability scale of one to ten, where a one is a plastic trash bag, I’d give a Showers Pass jacket a ten and most Goretex jackets an eight. The breathability of this jacket comes not only from the eVent three-layer fabric, but also from the numerous venting options built into the jacket. This jacket has fully taped seams, 11-inch pit zips under both arms, large gusseted cuffs, and a very large back vent for flow-thru ventilation. There are elastic cinch-cords on both the collar and the hem—you can open them for added ventilation or close them the keep the heat in. The back of the jacket is extra long to keep your backside dry in pouring rain (and it works well).
    The front of the Showers Pass Elite 2.0 jacket seals up with a water-resistant full length two-way zipper. There is also a roomy chest pocket (a Napoleon pocket) with an audio port that allows you to keep your iPhone or other audio device dry in the pocket and run a headphone cord up to your ear. The collar on this jacket is made of soft Micro-fleece and is very comfortable. Around the neck is a series of Velcro attachment points so you can attach a rain hood (sold separately). For your safety there is a substantial amount of 3M Scotchlite reflective taping on arms and back (the best I’ve seen on any jacket), and light loop in the middle of the back so you can attach a small LED flasher (I wish all cycling jackets had light loops).
    When I reviewed the Showers Pass Touring Jacket I questioned the sanity of anyone who would buy a black cycling jacket. However, as you can see in the photo above, I ended up buying the Elite 2.0 in black, so let me explain why. First, I would never ride on the road in a black jacket, even with the 3M Scotchlite reflective taping. I did not buy this jacket for road cycling—I bought it mainly to use as a shell for winter cycling. On snow-covered off-road trails a black jacket is fine—black fabric has a tendency to attract heat better than other colors and it also contrasts well against the white snow. In addition, when I ride on muddy off-road trails in the rain the black jacket cleans up better (i.e., after clean-up you can’t see the dirt you missed as easily as you can on brighter jackets). I’ve used this jacket as a shell for winter cycling over an Under Armour compression shirt and a fleece jacket and this kept me warm down to about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit).
    The only thing I don’t like about this jacket is the slanted zipper on the back storage pocket. The pocket itself is waterproof and very roomy, but I just don’t like the slanted zipper! To be fair, Showers Pass is not the only company to offer rain jackets with a slanted zipper, but I have trouble opening these pockets while riding and I hate to stop when it is raining.
    The Showers Pass Elite 2.0 Rain Jacket retails for $240 and if you ride in the rain very much it is worth every penny. This men’s jacket is available in four colors (Black, Chili Pepper Red, Electric Blue, and Goldenrod) and comes in five sizes (S thru XXL). The women’s jacket is only available in three colors (Chili Pepper Red, Crystal Blue, and Goldenrod) and comes in six sizes (Extra-Small thru XXL). I found this jacket to be a little larger than advertised. For the Weight Weenies among us, the large jacket weighs about 13.5 ounces.
    Some notes about this article by Douglas Duguay 
    The Showers Pass Touring Jacket is now the Showers Pass Transit Jacket 
    Also, the Elite 2.0 has been updated and is now the Showers Pass 2.1 Jacket.  For Fall 2012 they've added Ocean Blue for men, Electric Rose and Ocean Blue for Women.  In 2013 the Elite 2.0 will become the 2.1.  

    10 October 2012

    BicyclingHub.com Photos of the week!

    Sunrise lookout just a few miles from Sunrise on Mt. Rainier. Photo courtesy Tyler Tabor
    Zak Kovalcik US National Track Championships Pat Benson Photo
    Joaquin RODRIGUEZ Giro di Lombardia From Jared and Ashley Gruber 

    US National Track Championships Zak Kovalcik Photo credit DMunsonPhoto.com
    Snow in Casper Wyoming in early October?  This didn't deter Fiske and Leif Johansson from competing

    09 October 2012

    Should I Wear Biking Shorts or Tri-Shorts?

    Cycling Shorts
    Cycling Shorts
    In the sports world, all shorts are not created equal. As you shop for cycling shorts, you’ll find two major types – biking shorts and tri-shorts (short for triathlon shorts). Biking shorts are the traditional stretchy shorts cyclists often wear, with padding (also known as a chamois) to provide an extra cushion. Tri-shorts, on the other hand, are thinner and more streamlined than regular biking shorts in order to create less bulk when running or swimming.

    Tri-athletes often wear tri-shorts because of the versatility offered between land and sea. But which is the best type of cycling shorts for you? It all depends on your needs and preferences.

    Differences between Biking Shorts and Tri-Shorts

    The primary difference between these two garments is the size and thickness of the padding. Cycling shorts typically feature a wider and thicker chamois to make riding long distances more comfortable. However, the thickness of the cushion makes the shorts much less functional for running and swimming.

    With tri-shorts, the chamois is thinner and shaped differently for running. Tri-shorts also tend to be made of thinner fabric and not as long as regular biking shorts in order to reduce the potential for chafing. Because they’re made for swimming as well, they often feature greater moisture-wicking capabilities and will dry out more quickly.

    While many cyclists prefer tri-shorts, the pair of cycling shorts you should wear is the one that is most comfortable for your body and budget. Give each kind a test run and make the determination for yourself.

    We are on a mission to spread meaningful content and give you awesome deals on cycling clothing. Like us on Facebook and see for yourself.