28 April 2008

Bike Shop Bullies

On April 11th 2008, I received a visit from the co-owner of one of the largest single store bike shops in the United States.  Within two weeks I received word from my suppliers that someone in the local area wasn't happy that we were selling the same products as them at our retail store.  In total, I believe three vendors were contacted.  One vendor has asked me to remove their products from my retail store so that stores in the area were happy.   We sell everything at MSRP and we represent the products well in the marketplace.  

Competition gives incentive for self improvement.  If two stores are selling the same product at the same price then the store that gives the best service will get the sale most of the time.  Not only does this benefit the store that does the best job, it   We strive to do this in our market place.  If I loose sales to a competitor I'm not going to go crying to someone that shouldn't be allowed to sell the same products as me.  I'm going to figure out why they're outselling me and the replicate what they're doing better.  

Consumers in Portland, Oregon, as well as the rest of the country, deserve the best service and selection possible.  They don't deserve to have their choices limited because one store views natural competition as unfair.   

26 April 2008

New Women's Cycling Jerseys and Tops for 2008.

With warm weather finally upon us, a lot of are looking forward to the feel of summer's warm breath on our shoulders as we cruise down the country roads and bike trails.  

Bicyclinghub.com is proud to lend a hand in making our summer riding experience stylish and comfortable with an exciting new line of chic, feminine, and functional women's jerseys.   In our women's line we currently feature a large selection from Primal Wear, Castelli and Pearl Izumi.

Please check out our selection, which we believe has a little something for every woman from flowers to powers.  

23 April 2008

BicyclingHub.com Service Area

BicyclingHub.com is proud to announce the addition of a bicycle service area to complement our retail space, which is located on the corner of Taylor and Water Ave in SE Portland.

Bicyclinghub.com has become an established provider of cycle clothing worldwide via the World Wide Web over the last 7 years. In October of 2007 we opened our retail store, offering probably the largest selection of Cycling Apparel for men and women in the Northwest.

We are very happy to welcome native Oregonian, Nathan Roll, and together look forward to providing the same high level of customer service, for all your bicycle maintenance needs, as that which you have enjoyed when purchasing cycling clothing from us.

Nathan is a United Bicycle Institute Trained Mechanic and brings over 5 years of bicycle shop experience, including managing Bay Area Cycles, Oakland CA - also 3 years with Bike and Hike here in Portland.

BicyclingHub's service area will be able to service all types of bicycles. From difficult 1970’s vintage French friction shifting levers, to the latest SRAM 10 drive trains we will be able to cover almost all of your needs. For questions or directions to the store call 503-234-9898 or email Sales@BicyclingHub.com

20 April 2008

Sea Otter Classic

Sea Otter bike races are often remembered by their extreme weather and this year was no exception. 2007 was the year of rains of biblical legend (whatever this means.) 2008 Sea Otter goers were lucky there wasn't any rain to speak of but the wind was so strong it kicked up a mighty dust cloud. Many tired quickly of dust and sand blowing in their eyes and mouth. Still other were appreciative of the exfoliation that the scrub the blowing debris provided.

BicyclingHub.com attended the Sea Otter because it's a chance to catch up with many of their vendors and attend the Bicycling Magazine party. For about 5 years BicyclingHub.com has crashed this party without invite.  At the show we learned of the Bicycling Magazine editors choice awards. Products stocked by BicyclingHub.com won 2 awards. We are sworn to secrecy on the winners. 

Like the Tour de France, Sea Otter Classic is one of those events every fan of cycling should see once.  The races are well organized, the whole family can attend, fans can see the latest bike gear and they can also pick up some sweet deals on clothing and other goods.  Hopefully the year you go the weather will be sunny and you can really enjoy America's greatest festival for the bike.  

To everyone we met at race it was nice seeing you. Hopefully we will see you at events this year!

14 April 2008

8 Panel Cycling Shorts

In the April 2008 Bicycling Magazine 2008 Buyers Guide the writer of the article made the following statement "The best [cycling] shorts are constructed with multiple panels-look for eight or more-for a more conforming fit" 

The author of the article didn't offer any proof nor did they give their reasoning for this statement.  The fact is, panel construction doesn't matter.  Seems are what most buyers of cycling shorts find irritating not the lycra.  The more panels on the body-the more irritation to the skin. 

20 years ago Lycra didn't stretch as much as it does now.  More than ever, a quality 6 panel short is as comfortable as an 8 panel short.  


13 April 2008

First Warm Weekend Of The Spring

Folks in Portland, Oregon get an early taste of spring every year in or around the first part of April.  For cyclists this means baring skin that hasn't seen the sun in at least 7 months.   I did notice a few folks that were sporting new giant patches of bright pink skin.  

Yesterday, I worked in the retail space and it was very fun because most of our customers were happy and the seemed to be enjoying the weather.  We met some new customers in the BicyclingHub.com Bike Shop.  All very exciting things for a small business owner.

The following day Krazze Kevin and I led a 30 mile ride to Vancouver.  While it wasn't as warm as yesterday, we both braved the 60+ Degree Elements in short sleeves and short pant.   We both felt like we were plenty warm.  It's good to get a longer ride out of the way before summer events like Pole, Pedal, Paddle in Bend and the Reach the Beach. 

Portland, Oregon is one of the greatest place to ride a bike in during the summer (Bicycling Magazine ranks us as their top North American cycling city.)  It's a great combination of urban riding (Portland Farmers Market on the Park Blocks.)  If you travel 20 minutes North, South, East, or West you will soon find open spaces with plenty of shoulders that safely allow for cycling.  

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