04 May 2013

Giro d' Italia Sprint Stage- Physiological Challenges Infographic


Informational graphic from click here to view the original.  Interesting facts from the graphic
1) A riders body can only store enough carbohydrates for 50-70 minutes of the race.
2) Water loss can be as much as 2 liters an hour yet maximum hydration is only 1.5 liters an hour.
3) Each drop of sweat contains: 900 MG Sodium,  1MG Magnesium, 300MG Potassium, 15MG Calcium
4) Cyclists eat 6,000-7,000 calories per day.
5) Typical calorie breakdown for a cyclist: 70% Carbs, 15% Protein, 15% Fat
6) Riders can touch around 1,200 watts in the sprints

Photo courtesy Multipower Sportsfood

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