29 June 2012

Comfortable In The Saddle

Comfortable in the Saddle

All of us should certainly be able to ride comfortably for as long and as far as our legs and lungs will carry us.  Saddle sores no more!!  These three hints are key to ensuring that your next ride will be the best and more comfortable that it can be!

1) Bike Fit - THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN YOUR COMFORT. If your bike is sized incorrectly, you will never be comfortable on the bike. You may have the fanciest seat in the world and own the best best shorts that money can buy, but if your bike doesn't fit well, you will still feel less than cozy. We recommend seeing a bike-fit specialist who will properly fit you to your bike. It may cost anywhere between $50-$200, but a proper bike-fit can be one of your best investments. Here in Portland, we hear great things about the bike-fitting pros at Crank pdx. In most cases, it is best to avoid purchasing bikes online or via mail unless you know for sure what size you need.

2) Cycling Shorts - Once your bike fits well, then you're safe to proceed to shorts shopping. Cycling Shorts come in a variety of styles and pad thicknesses. The shorts should fit snugly, especially to ensure that the pad doesn't move or shift while riding. We strongly recommend bib shorts for more of a seamless feel and the most comfort, but many riders do prefer regular cycling shorts. DO NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR with your cycling shorts!  The shorts are meant to be in contact with your skin.

3) Chamois Cream - For longer rides, or on early season rides, many folks like to use chamois creme. Chamois creme provides a bit of a barrier, can help reduce friction, and decrease the frequency of saddle sores.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly cycling clothing experts so that we can find solutions that will help you ride in comfort.  We want you "back in the saddle again!"

25 June 2012

BicyclingHub.com and Castelli want you to WIN!

BicyclingHub.com and Castelli want you to WIN!

We're giving away a pair of Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Shorts - Castelli's best bib shorts yet. A revolutionary fit for both Men and Women, high-tech and seamless for amazing comfort and performance.
Visit our FaceBook page and tell us who's going to win the Tour de France on Sunday, July 22nd, 2012, and if you're right, you could be the one lucky winner!*

Enter to win these world-class bib shorts TODAY!

Want more?
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*In the event of multiple correct predictions, one winner will be selected in a random drawing.

20 June 2012

Cycling Jersey Buyers Guide by Kevin Langton

Why Buy A Cycling Jersey?

Cycling specific sportswear is designed for your riding comfort, and with the functionality that will allow you to perform at your best throughout your workouts on the bike. Of course, a certain amount of form goes along with the high function of a bike jersey. Premium quality sublimation printing, from most if not all manufacturers, makes for infinite possibilities with strong colorfast designs that not only express your individual style , but make you more visible and safe out there on the road. All of us who choose to spend many hours in the saddle will undoubtedly accumulate a collection of cycling jerseys, and will rarely ride without one.

Whatever your riding involves, be it commuting, racing, touring, weekend recreation, group rides, road or off-road, fast, slow or steady-paced, a cycling jersey makes sense every time. Here are some of the features that you would expect to find in a cycle jersey, that make it so much better than riding in just a cotton tee:

  • Let's start with fabric. A bike jersey will be made using highly technical and lightweight fabrics. These will always wick moisture away from the body and to the outside of the garment, where it can speedily evaporate. The upshot is that you stay dry and do not overheat as you work out. In the case of a cotton tee this moisture would be absorbed and stay damp for some time, even after your ride is long over. Premium brands such as Castelli have special treatments applied their performance fabrics to make them even better. These fabrics will also provide UV protection in the Summer months. We all on occasion see some riders going shirtless on a beautiful day. Not recommended! Sun protection is so important, and hey- where do you carry your house keys?! There are of course different fabric options available offering thermal protection, water and wind resistance, suited to cooler weather riding jerseys.

  • The fit, for both men's and women's cycling jerseys, will typically be fairly close, but still allow freedom of movement. This close fit makes you more aerodynamic on the bike and also allows the fast-wicking fabric to carry perspiration away from the body more effectively. Of course fit is a personal preference and as well as race-cut, super form fitting garments (some which are even tailored to the actual riding position), there are more relaxed options, sometimes called a 'club-fit'.

  • Additional extremely useful features included on pretty much all cycling jerseys are the front zipper and rear cargo pockets. The length of the front zipper on a cycling jersey can vary from a short zip, to 3/4 length, all the way to a full-length zipper. The zipper allows easily adjustable additional ventilation. You can open your jersey all the way down as you work your way up a long arduous climb, and easily close it up again for that exhilerating and breezy descent! Those rear pockets are a must, and will easily accommodate most essentials that you take on your rides, like cell-phones, house keys, money, energy snacks, a spare tube, a vest or cape, or those armwarmers you started out with. Some jersey pockets now have a secure zipper compartment for coins or keys.

    All of us here at Bicyclinghub.com proudly consider ourselves to be cycling jersey experts, and would love to share our collective wisdom and experience with you. Whether you are looking for your first jersey, a gift, or perhaps giving a brand you haven't used before a try, we are happy to assist with product information and sizing advice. You can reach one of our cycle clothing experts Toll-free at 1-888-817-8060 during our office hours, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific Time.

  • 18 June 2012

    Cycling Shorts Buyers Guide

    Why Buy Cycling Shorts?

    Bicyclinghub.com's Kevin Langton advises buyers to buy cycling shorts for longer distances. Cycling shorts are specifically designed with one thing in mind, and that thing would indeed be the hugely enjoyable pastime that we know to be riding our bikes. As kids some of us would go everywhere on two wheels, maybe even turning pro at an early age and taking on a paper route! Some of us never stopped riding and some of us came back to it later on. Most of us, if we choose to spend many recreational hours on a bicycle, will inevitably end up in bicycle shorts. In the case of mens bike shorts, or women's bike shorts, it is absolutely okay to follow the herd. All those who ride know the comfort of doing so in a good pair of cycling shorts, and that there really is no substitute.
    Whenever you are going to spend a good solid block of time on the bike and the purpose of the ride is the ride itself, those cut-off jeans, cargo shorts or skinnies, really are not going to cut the mustard! You'll also sometimes see triathletes on their time trial bikes in a speedo but remember that those guys and girls have to swim and run as well, without stopping to change into anything other than their shoes and to maybe put on a bike helmet.
    So, cyclists wear cycling shorts because they are the best and most comfortable shorts to ride in and that's all there is to it. What makes them so comfortable? The seatpad, also called a chamois as in earlier bike shorts the seatpad was made using chamois leather (See here for your chamois 101). Seatpads nowadays are quite a science with variable thickness and pad density in specific areas that need cushioning, such as your sit bones. They are shaped specifically to interface with most saddles and to be anatomically correct, providing comfort without any unwanted additional bulk. They are also covered in fabrics that are treated to wick away perspiration and inhibit growth of bacteria, ensuring good hygiene and both your immediate and long-term comfort. The fabrics used in a modern day bike short provide valuable muscle support, next-to-skin comfort and flexibility with light weight, whilst also wicking away perspiration to keep you cooler and drier as you exercise. The fit on a pair of bicycle shorts is designed to be figure hugging, allowing the fabric to support you and to wick away sweat. The fit is more aerodynamic and, combined with the stretchy fabrics used, eliminates areas where material can bunch up and cause chafing or discomfort. Everything is held in place nicely, including the all-important seatpad, and at the same time complete freedom of movement is allowed. Remember that when you are cycling, your legs will be turning at a rate of anything between 50 to more than 100 pedal revolutions per minute!
    One of our favorite brands of cycling shorts is Pearl Izumi. Our least expensive short is the Canari Velo II cycling shorts.

    What about bib shorts?

    You've probably seen those cycling shorts with suspenders. What's that all about? Well, where shorts are typically held up with the aid of elastic at the waist, in some cases a drawstring, and occasionally both, the bibshort has no waistband and is held up by what is basically a suspender made from lightweight, stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric such as mesh. With the suspender being worn under the jersey there is little difference in outward appearance between a cycling short and a cycling bib short. For more information on bib shorts check out our Buyers Guide To Bib Shorts All of us here at Bicyclinghub.com can be considered cycling shorts and bib short veterans, and we would love to share our collective wisdom and experience with you. Whether you are looking for your first pair, upgrading, or perhaps giving a brand you haven't used before a try, we are happy to assist with product information and sizing advice. You can reach one of our cycle clothing experts toll-free at 1-888-817-8060 or e-mail us at sales@bicyclinghub.com

    07 June 2012

    BicyclingHub.com and the Tour de Cure!

    Help Stop Diabetes! Ride a Bike!

    BicyclingHub.com is on a mission to get more people on the bike and to live a healthier lifestyle, and also to help fight diabetes!  Nearly 26 million Americans are currently living with diabetes, with another 79 million suffering from pre-diabetes.  This means that roughly 1 in 10 Americans are living with the disease, and 350,000 of those live in Oregon and Southwest Washington alone.  The numbers are vast and rapidly growing.  The mission is urgent: to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all the people affected by diabetes.

    We are asking you to help us do just that.  The American Diabetes Association has been funding innovative research to combat diabetes since 1955.  The Tour de Cure was organized as a cycling event to help the Association raise money and further the cause - researching, advocating and educating the public.
    The Tour de Cure is the largest fundraising event in the region for the ADA.  With 1,200 registered participants and cash donations totaling $353,000 in 2011, we are striving to reach an even bigger goal of $1,500 riders and $425,000 in 2012.  Join our team and help us make it happen!
    All of us at BicyclingHub.com are excited to be a part of this amazing event happening in Hillsboro on July 28, 2012.  Over the past three years, our team has earned nearly $10,000 in cash donations.  This year, we have the opportunity to raise over $5,000.  We want YOU to be a part of that opportunity and goal.
    The numbers are very clear.  Diabetes affects so many of those around us, and chances are you know someone who suffers from diabetes as well.  The American Diabetes Association and the Tour de Cure are committed to changing the lives of everyone affected.  An impressive 75% of every dollar spent supports research, advocacy, and services for people affected by diabetes. We want you to join us in our commitment to making a difference.

    The BicyclingHub.com Team is looking to reach our goal of raising $5,000 in 2012.  We are asking you to be a part of that by simply donating to our team cause, or by RIDING WITH US on July 28, 2012.  Enjoy the day on the bike with us as we traverse through the rolling hills of the Willamette Valley.  From the stunning vineyards of Oregon's fragrant wine-country to the hazelnut orchards of the state's gorgeous farmland, the experience will be breathtaking and full of fun.  Following the ride we will all enjoy the live music from Portland's own Curtis Salgado, who was just recently named 2012 Soul Artist of the Year, as well as lunch, massages, water-slides for the kiddos in the family, and a beer garden for the over 21 gang! Every rider counts, every dollar raised makes a difference, and everyone is welcome to join our team!

    We are determined to reach our team goal, one rider at a time. So let's get in gear and ride to Stop Diabetes!
         I am doing TDC this year for kind of a funny reason. First off I have type I diabetes, and that should be enough reason in itself. However I have always done lots of rides for other people with diseases and disorders to help raise money for them. My mother has multiple sclerosis and I have done the MS bike ride for the last three years in her name for her mothers day gift. This year for her gift she wanted me to do something for me and the JDRF. Thats why I'm riding- for me, my mom and everyone that's as tired of having to think about how many carbs are in everything that passes their lips.

    I ride Tour de Cure because diabetes killed my father.  I was born in
    1970 to Paul and Kris Blatt.  My dad was born in 1943, and came down
    with diabetes at the age of 6.  His case was particularly severe, and
    as good as my grandmother was about regulating his bloodsugar with a
    healthy diet, then-brand-new insulin technology and an eagle eye out
    for her son's welfare, the spikes eventually took their toll on his
    body and vital organs.  He passed away in 1972 at the age of 27,
    leaving my mother a 22 year old widow and me an orphan.  I often
    wonder what kind of man he would have grown to be if diabetic care had
    been even slightly more advanced at that time.
    More research makes things better, and brings us closer to a cure.
    I ride for my dad.


    05 June 2012

    Customer Appreciation for Bicyclinghub.com

    Customer Appreciation

    We truly appreciate our customers and we do our very best to make sure you know.
    Our goal is to work with each and every customer on a personal level, so that you feel how valued you truly are to us.  We love to chat with you on the phone and via email.  Many times, when we do have the opportunity to establish a personal connection over the phone, we relish in that experience, and make an effort to send you a note so that you know how important our conversation was.

    On the flipside, we really love it when you guys let us know that we’re doing a good job too!
    Here are some examples of feedback we’ve received in the last two weeks:

    *     love bicyclinghub.com,...!  Ashley was very helpful, and very fair with her advice,...  great to deal with,...!

    *     Thank you for your little personalized note in the shipment. I have received it yesterday. The knickers and the rain jacket are perfect fit! I appreciated your cooperation and being treated like a valued customer makes all the difference. Shall I need anything else; The bicycling hub is going to be my first choice in the future!

    *     Kind regards,
    -Alena P

    *     Hi Ash, I just had receive my order with your personal note, thanks a lot for your help & I hope the next time I buy something, I have your attention.

    -Chuy N

    *     I'm ear to ear delighted...!
    Smiles back at ya!


    *     Selection @ your website is great; order received promptly. You folks are doing just fine. I'll be back. Don't change a thing!

    -Larry L

    *     Dear Ashley & Crew: Just to let you know, the fast, respectful and efficient replacement of my Castelli Jersey is appreciated and will continue to pay dividends to the Hub: My old Sugoi shorts' chamois are not what they used to be, and I needed some non-bib shorts to replace them. I was really happy to find out that Castelli has 2 shorts with the Progetto X2, and that you had 29% off!


    *     I purchased a Castelli jersey from the Hub some time ago. The zipper broke, and I asked only to buy a cheap jersey I could cannibalize for its zipper. What I received was a brand-spanking NEW Castelli jersey of the same (or better) quality in exchange, at no charge other than the shipping to Hub. Ashley provided feedback all through the process, and I got my first choice for a replacement, which matches my black/white/red Cervelo RS bike perfectly! Fast, too!

    Their efforts on my behalf may not have been profitable for this transaction, but they've taught me an important lesson: buy quality merchandise from a quality merchant. I've crossed off my other online vendors and will buy all my apparel from the Hub, as will my wife. All my cycling friends and acquaintances will also be encouraged to shop with them as well, and I assure anyone reading this post, you're choosing the right company.

    This is a quality merchant, who has a good grasp of the big picture: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold!

    -John P.

    We love you guys!  Keep calling, keep emailing, and keep the orders coming!

    We are on a mission to spread meaningful content and give you awesome deals on cycling clothing. Like us on Facebook and see for yourself.