22 January 2013

Greg LeMond Cycling Trivia by Dave Campbell


Q1. In addition to his widely heralded Three Tour de France wins, Lemond had three additional Grand Tour Podiums. Can you name all three?

Q2. Often chided for poor early season form, Lemond actually won quite a number of early season races. In fact, Greg Lemond won stages at all of the following early season events SAVE ONE: Mediterranean Tour, Tirreno-Adriatico, Paris-Nice, & Tour of Valencia.

Q3. The event where Lemond won the most stages in his career was the Tour de France with five: The Final TT in 1985, the Superbagneres Mountain Stage in 1986, and two TTs and a road stage in 1989. In which event, did Lemond score his SECOND highest number of Stage wins

Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong were once friends.

A1. 3rd in the 1984 Tour, 3rd in the 1985 Giro, and 2nd in the 1985 Tour. He also was a very close 4th (after some very bad luck) in the 1986 Giro.

A2. Only in Paris-Nice was Greg not triumphant at least once. Lemond won Stage 3 of Tirreno in 1982, a stage in the Mediterranean Tour in 1983, and a stage in Valencia in 1986.

A3. It is actually a tie: Greg won four stages in both the Dauphine Libere (three in 1983 enroute to the win there and another in 1984) and the Coors Classic (two enroute to victory in 1981, one in 1985 again enroute to victory, and one in 1986).

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