22 January 2013

Wondrous Wool - Bicyclinghub.com Examines Wool Cycling Jerseys

When one thinks of wool clothing, sports apparel is likely to be the last thing that comes to mind.  We at Bicyclinghub.com are doing our best to bring wool cycling jerseys to the forefront of the cycling gear market by educating cyclists on the wonders of wool.

Wool has survived the test of time because of its unique natural properties.  Today it remains a masterpiece of design, holding its own in a sea of competing technologically advanced fibers. 
Why are we so crazy about wool cycling jerseys?  Glad you asked - when it comes to form meeting function, we believe wool to be superior over most synthetic fibers for a number of reasons, which we've listed below.  Also, nothing can compare to the classic styling inherent in today's wool cycling jerseys, which look great on or off the bike.  
With manufacturers like Castelli producing high quality Merino wool* cycling jerseys in a range of prices, we think wool is what you've been waiting for.  

A few of the unique properties that separate wool from the rest of the pack are:

Wool NATURALLY Aids In Body Temperature Regulation
Because it absorbs moisture, wool provides superior comfort in both hot and cold weather.  When cold, even a little moisture on the skin can make the rider cold quickly, lowering the body's core temperature.  The naturally occurring crimp in wool's fiber structure traps pockets of air between the fibers, acting as natural insulation to keep the wearer warm and dry.  This same insulation process works in hot weather to help keep you cooler.  By effectively evaporating sweat, wool aids in the body's cooling process.  Also, the natural insulation acts as a buffer keeping hot air at bay, which keeps you cool and dry. 

Wool is NATURALLY Water Repellent
While wool can absorb moisture, its fibers have scales on their outer surface, which repel liquid.  For example, if you were to use your wool sweater to mop up a spill, you'd only find yourself pushing the liquid around.  Similarly, if you are caught in a downpour in that same wool sweater, it would take quite awhile for the rain to penetrate the wool thereby keeping you dry.  Of course, even wool can get wet, but when it does, wool's insulating fibers actually generate heat, preventing clamminess. Wool can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture before becoming truly damp.  

Wool is NATURALLY Stretchy
Wool's natural elasticity is greater than that of any other fiber, which makes it conform to the shape of the body resulting in superior comfort.  Dry wool stretches about 30% with wet fibers stretching as much as 60-70%.  This elasticity translates into the freedom of movement vital in a cycling jersey.

Wool NATURALLY Wears Longer
Wool maintains its good appearance and stays new looking longer than other fabrics, which is why people hang on to their favorite wool pieces for decades.

Wool NATURALLY Resists Static
As wool naturally absorbs moisture from the air, the tendency to collect static electricity is reduced, making wool garments much less likely to cling to the body.

Wool NATURALLY Resists Dirt
Wool resists dirt, retains its appearance, and stays cleaner longer due in part to the scales on the outside of the fibers, which keep dirt from penetrating the surface.  Also, since wool resists static electricity, dust in the air isn't attracted to it.

Wool NATURALLY Diminishes Body Order
The internal layers of wool's fiber actually bind with the acidic, basic and sulfurous enzymes that comprise body odor.  The exterior scales have anti-bacterial properties. These properties, in conjunction with wool's moisture barrier, reduce the opportunity for odors to accumulate.  Wool doesn't retain odor and will freshen when aired out. 

Wool is NATURALLY Fashionable
Leading designers everywhere prefer to use wool because it comes it takes dye beautifully and comes in a wide array of textures and weights.  Wool is flexible, alive, tailors easily, and resists wrinkling.
*The fibers of Merino wool are so fine that they do not itch with one study showing that nearly 100% of Merino wool wearers tested experienced no discomfort at all.     
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