24 August 2012

New Contest, featuring Bicycle Transportation Alliance!

Can you imagine a community where citizens, businesses and elected officials all come together to create the most bike-friendly, bike-safe city in America?  Far from Shangri-La, this place exists in Portland OR, and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance wants your help to continue their good work!

As we mentioned here, Bicyclinghub.com is in the process of giving away $1000 to the non-profit cycling organization of YOUR choice.  By going to this site and casting your vote, you help to determine which of three worthy organization will receive this donation.

This is the first in a series of three articles spotlighting each of the three organizations.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has been working to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon since 1990.  Through a mixture of advocacy, community involvement and lobbying efforts, the BTA works in partnership with citizens, businesses, community groups, government agencies, and elected officials to create and support communities where people can meet their daily transportation needs on a bike.

If the BTA wins, the $1,000 grant will support the BTA's Blueprint for Better Biking campaign. The Blueprint is a guide for policymakers, elected officials, and community members who care about making a real difference for bicycling -- and the BTA is creating it with YOUR help. 

If you want BicyclingHub.com to donate $1,000 to the Bicycling Transportation Alliance cause, be sure to VOTE on our Facebook page!  

The contest runs from now until September 14th, 2012.

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