22 October 2008

2009 Tour de France Route Announced

CyclingNews.com has a great article about the 2009 Tour de France. Last night in Paris the organization unveiled the route for the 2009 Tour. As a fan, it's fun to start thinking about the Tour de France in October when there isn't much cycling news except for Cyclocross races.

It's an interesting race this year because it looks like it goes to the Pyrénées quickly. Monaco for the start and then to Barcelona, Spain, the Tour starts in the Southern part of Europe for the first time since 1992. I have been watching the Tour de France since 1985 and this Tour de France is unusual just from the first look at it. Other highlights include a trip to the Alps after riding in the middle of France for a few days. As has become custom, the race will finish on the Champs Elysees in Paris on the last day.

I read that someone stated that this race favors Alberto Contrador. I'm not sure who it favors but as is always the case with the Tour, the strongest rider with great team support will win the race. If Lance or Alberto are even in the race look for them to put on a great show. They may not even get invited to the race so don't pin your hopes on them just yet.

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