01 November 2010

Why do you love cycling?

A collective essay from the fans and fellow cyclists that comprise the BicyclingHub.com community

Last Thursday, we took an informal poll of BicyclingHub's Facebook fans with the simple question, "Why do you love cycling?" The topic generated over 101 responses and 26 "likes" in a 24 hr. period. The original intent to declare one participant the sole winner quickly proved to be a difficult task, given the high caliber nature of responses and the passionate discussions they evoked. We narrowed down the list to the Top 4 responses and awarded each a $25 gift certificate to BicyclingHub.com, so they can continue to ride in comfort and style.

Why do you love cycling?

"This is what we wore when we got married -- our Cycling Love jerseys -- 'cause we're not just passionate about each other...we are "Passionate About Biking," too!" Thanks to CyclingLove.com fans and newlyweds Julie and Brian Klay for sharing these pics from their August 2010 wedding.

The Winners:

"Cycling has been my salvation, my vehicle for the return to physical and mental wholeness after experiencing a heart attack a few years ago. It provides an amazing mixture of things; it challenges and strengthens the body, sharpens and stimulates the mind, and caresses the soul with the pure joy of flying at the ground level." ~Steve M.

"It's a little bit like time travel for me. Every time I get on a bike I feel like I'm 14 all over again." ~Jason C.

"I love biking for so many reasons, but especially for the community it builds. Everyday on my way to work all the commuters give a little nod or wave to each other... do we do that in cars when we see each other everyday? Nope. That's why I'm staying on the bike." ~Lisa B.

"The freedom and fresh air. It's my church and therapist all in one!!" ~Lori R.

Some of our other favorites that deserve Honorable Mention:

"I love the sense of freedom of being on a bike and knowing I can go just about anywhere on my bike."~Tanya M.

"I always ride with friends!!!" ~Emily J.E.

"Cycling is my "mental floss," it clears out all the garbage."~Vicki D.

"I love to go places in the city that cars can't go. It's like getting to know someone intimately and sharing a special secret together." ~Beth H.

"Its my solitary activity that allows me to push myself & develop mental toughness." ~Lillian D.

"My bike separates my mind from my life...oh yeah! It gives me exercise too!" ~Matt L.

"I love cycling because it never bores me, each ride writes its own story with each turn of the wheels, and each story teaches me about achieving goals. Such success permeates all aspects of my life. And sometimes the ride has nothing to do with reaching a goal, but shows me something new, like today I saw recently harvested purple cauliflowers that had fallen off a farm truck, and I never even knew purple cauliflowers existed, so how wonderful it is to learn something new!" ~Darcy W.

"I find cycling to be my best form of therapy... plenty of time to thing about life. the 2nd reason I love cycling is you see so much more of your surroundings by being able to look around while you ride past." ~Matthew B.

"I can go almost anywhere for free!" ~Samuel A.

"After a ride I feel a sense of accomplishment even if I don't get anything else done the rest of the day." ~ Michael M.

"I love to mountain bike especially, because it takes me to some spectacular locations that only a fraction of the general public will ever see!" ~Dave S.

"Because cycling builds character(s)!... what other sport would you find yourself in the middle of nowhere having to hobble into Billy Bobs convenience store wearing cycling shoes and a skin tight shirt and shorts...risking being made to squeal like a pig...simply to get some water?" ~Ashe R.

"I feel powerful and free. It's a big block of "wheeeeeeee!!!" in a crowded and stressful life." ~Connie W , D.

"Because in no other activity am I in the moment!" ~Roger Mallette

"I love cycling because I can escape, fantasize, dream, enjoy, love, embellish, laugh, cry, hurt, feel joy, feel freedom, feel life, . I love cycling just because." ~Mia M.

"It can be a sensual, zen-like experience, a combination of the runner's high and the thrill of downhill skiing. The artistry of a fine bicycle holds a particular appeal. Then there is the comradely amongst many riders, a feeling of the shared experience similar to other extreme sports." ~Andrew R .

"It gives me a chance to wear all the nice cool apparel that I bought from Bicyclinghub." ~Eugene T.B.C.

Chris Sheppard on his way to winning his second consecutive Cross Crusade race in Rainier, Washington. Photo courtesy of Pat Malach, Oregon Cycling Action.

"Because of the inhuman suffering we are willing to accept and then come back the next day and do it again. No other sport asks for so much from the body, mind, & soul. Professionals dedicate their entire life just to finish some races, not to contend but just to say I finished. That is why I love cycling." ~Kevin B.

"Because I can't fly under my own power :-D " ~Randall G.

"The incredible sense of power and freedom it allows you...you lose all sense of the stress of your mind and tune into your body, your bike, the day at hand and the road before you...wow...the most exhilerating and rewarding experience of my life." ~Valerie N-H

"Rhythmic freedom, I love most everything about it motion, daydreams the feel of the bike or trike-- keeps me fit and outdoors in my beautiful Colorado. Lasting joy and happiness." ~G. Tess G.

Jim, Carolyn, and BicyclingHub.com owner Douglas Dougay take in Big Sky Country during the 2010 Park-2-Park Montana ride.

"Because it is fun, energy free, sustainable, healthy, and fascinating, and sooo Zen. I've been all over the world on a bicycle and had sponsored trips to Japan and Australia, set records and met great people. I've seen three comets, two triple conjunctions, solar and lunar eclipses and a UFO while bicycling. Rode with a deer leaning against me for 200 yards. I've exhibited my antique bikes in musums, art galleries and premiere auto concours as well as at Amgen Tour of California. Bicycling let me commute 33 years without burning a single drop of gas. I conserved over 35,000 gallons of gasoline this way. Did you know a study was done and showed a bicycle and rider is THE most efficient thing on the planet even more so than a Salmon swimming downstream. Now, THAT's COSMIC. WAY cooler than cars." ~Jacques G.

"Its the only time I feel like ME...a free spirit."~Catherine S.

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Emilio said...

I ended up cycling when I was in Salt Lake City. I ended up with great friends on bikes. I ended up falling in Love with a wonderful woman that ended up riding her bike with me. I also ended up with 3 bikes 1 is a TALL bike. My life had really changed for the best. So that is why i love cycling!

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