29 August 2014

Castelli Alpha Jacket- Their Biggest Innovation For 2014

We will probably never know how many ideas Castelli has that never make it to the pages of Bicyclinghub.com.  From the Gabba to the Body Paint bib shorts, the company from Italy is always coming up with new ideas to make cycling clothing better than what we are used to.

The Alpha jacket from Castelli is the piece in their line that we are most excited about for this year.  Unlike most cycling jacket, the insulation layer and the windproof layer are not attached to one another in the front.   Opening the front zipper when you are riding hard allows rapid evaporation of sweat without excessive cooling. Zip up at the top of the climb to keep the wind out and the warmth in for the descent.

The video below is excellent at pointing out many of the highlights of this jacket.

The Alpha jacket features 5 pockets including a zippered back pocket for security.   There's plenty of storage space for carrying your cycling essentials including tubes, tools, keys and your cell phone. Reflect strips help you stay safe on the bike.

The Alpha features Gore Windstopper 150 fabric that is both windproof and water-resistant.   It has a 4 way stretch so the garment stretches and moves with your body.  The collar of the jacket is also articulated to match the bends of your body.  Wether your sitting upright climbing a hill or in the drops on the descent, the collar forms to your neck so you don't feel a draft down your back.

The Castelli Alpha is a simple solution to an age old problem of ventilation when you're on the bike.  We are excited to try this jacket out in our testing ground of Portland, Oregon.  This jacket will resist rain and wind but will also be more breathable  In 1977 Castelli had release the first Lycra cycling short.  Since then, they have never stopped innovating and now produce some of the best cycling clothing in the world.

See the Castelli Alpha Jacket here.

DougDoug Duguay
Doug has been cycling since he learned to ride at age 4.  In 1984 a friend gave him a Bicycling Magazine  and that launched a love affair with cycling and the sport that remains undiminished to this day.  He remembers watching the 1984 Olympics, the 1984 Tour de France and 1985 Paris Roubaix.  

After selling jerseys on eBay to pay his mortgage, Doug Duguay launched BicyclingHub from his home in 2002 after a productive six-hour coding session. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Doug’s passion for cycling already had plenty of momentum when he moved to Portland, the town that inspired him to take up all manner of racing, from cyclocross and track to road and stage races. He considers starting BicyclingHub a lucky accident, and while running a business has cut into some of his training time, he’s chasing the idea of a race comeback--something he contemplates while climbing Portland’s west hills. Doug is BicyclingHub’s resident bibshort expert.

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