02 March 2010

Dave Campbell's Trivia For March- Paris-Nice

MARCH 2010…


The first REALLY BIG Professional Stage Race of the Season

March 7-14

Q1. All of the following Americans have won stages at Paris-Nice EXCEPT one…Bobby Julich, Greg Lemond, Lance Armstrong, & Andy Hampsten. BONUS: Who was the first American to WIN Paris-Nice overall?

Q2. Most die-hard cycling fans know of Sean Kelly’s record of SEVEN CONSECUTIVE Paris-Nice victories from 1982-1988 (likely could have been more but he chose to race Tirreno-Adriatico in Italy in 1989 instead) BUT he only just overcame the record. Who held it previously?

Q3. Who was the first “NON-Continental” (in other words NON EUROPEAN) to claim victory here? HINT: It wasn’t Kelly!

First person to email the correct answers to Doug@bicyclinghub.com wins a $20 gift coupon!

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