07 February 2011

Help BicyclingHub get ranked as a Bicycle-Friendly Business!

Exciting news: BicyclingHub.com recently submitted an application to the League of American Bicyclists for its Bicycle-Friendly Business recognition program, and we need your help! As part of the application process, the League is asking employees, business and community partners, and customers take a short (5-10 minute) anonymous survey about the company's bike-friendly practices and initiatives to help rank businesses accordingly.

Take the survey online NOW. Deadline is this Friday, February 11th, so please don't delay!

When responding, be sure to consult a copy of the League's Scoring Guidelines.

As an international retailer in the bicycling industry, our staff lives, eats, sleeps and breathes bicycling. In the workplace, BicyclingHub.com aims to create an environment that encourages and fosters cycling as both a mode of transportation and a way of life. Be it encouraging a 100% staff bicycle commuter rate year-round, installing bike racks at our new office space for adequate bike parking, hosting group staff rides during the summer as "team-building exercises," participating in charity fundraisers such as Portland Tour de Cure and Park-to-Park Montana, or sponsoring community-building events such as Pedal Nation films, these investments have yielded excellent returns.

Remaining as passionate about cycling as our customers fuels our business and enables BicyclingHub.com to enjoy one of the best customer satisfaction rates for online merchants in the nation. With your help, we look forward to becoming even more bicycle-friendly in the months and years to come.

Remember, the deadline is this Friday, February 11th, so time is of the essence! Thanks in advance for filling out the short survey and lending your support.

What Makes BicyclingHub.com a Bicycle-Friendly Business?

BicyclingHub.com's entire staff is extremely passionate about cycling, as is the owner of the company. As part of our goal to put more people on bikes more often, we aim to make customers' riding experiences as enjoyable as possible. We work hard every day to keep cyclists rolling in comfort, safety and style.

It is no accident our business is based in a Platinum-Level Bicycle Friendly Community, with an active and extremely diverse bike culture. Portland, Oregon might well be considered the ultimate testing ground for cycling apparel in a wide range of weather conditions. The Portland Development Commission, Business Oregon and Oregon Business Council cite Portland is force to be reckoned with in the Activewear and Outdoor Gear world for the last thirty years, in the recently-released Portland Economic Development Strategy. Appreciative to be headquartered in the same city as manufacturers like Castelli, Retro Image Apparel and Showers Pass, and it's a rare day that goes by that we don't spy a cyclist wearing one of the products we sell.

Plans BicyclingHub.com has for the coming year to improve the company's bicycle friendliness.

1. Launch a mini-grant program open to non-profit, community-based programs with the specific goals of getting more people on bikes, more often. Organizations across the U.S. will be invited to apply in this competitive grant process; top contenders will be featured on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our website and newsletter distribution list and our customers will have the opportunity to vote on which organizations should receive the funds.

2. Send our first staff member to 2011 National Bike Summit to support advocacy efforts for improved cycling conditions in both our home state of Oregon and nationally. Following up on the success of our on-the-ground reporting of Interbike 2010, we intend to cover the event via our Blog, Facebook and Twitter to share the latest developments in transportation advocacy, education and legislation with our readers and followers, encouraging them to become more directly involved with the League's work.

3. Host organized group rides from our new retail space in Southeast Portland during Summer 2011. Rides will be lead by a League Certified Instructor and other experienced cyclists with the intent of encouraging more customers to ride and showcasing the most bike-friendly streets and bicycle-boulevards in the metro Portland area.

4. Sponsorship of a BicyclingHub.com cyclocross team for the Cross Crusade Series, a popular race series in Oregon and Washington popular with beginners, enthusiasts and serious racers alike.

Briefly describe the most positive outcome of your company's support for bicycling. (i.e. improved employee health, increased productivity, morale boost, reduced parking/maintenance cost, etc.)

Positive outcomes include all of the above: improved employee health, increased productivity, morale boost amongst employees, and a ZERO parking/maintenance cost. Another positive benefit has been the marked increase in positive interaction rates and brand loyalty from our customers who trust and rely upon the advice from cycling clothing experts to ensure their needs are met.

List three reasons BicyclingHub.com should be recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Business.

Reason 1.
BicyclingHub.com celebrates and fosters our customers' passion for cycling and the multitude of ways to demonstrate our shared love for all things bike-related. Our customers may ride for different reasons, be it transportation, recreation, fitness or racing; for family bonding time, a shared sense of community with fellow riders, or solo explorations; for scenic views, rural landscapes, brutal climbs, or the adrenaline-pumping downhills that make it all worthwhile.

The common link: our fervor and devotion to this beautiful and challenging sport. Whether they identify themselves as a dedicated urban commuter, a multi-day bike tour enthusiast, or preparing for their next big race, BicyclingHub.com constantly applies itself to making certain we deliver the same outstanding customer service and prompt delivery that ensures we stand apart from our competitors. Our mission? "We want your ride to be as enjoyable as possible, and we work hard every day to keep you rolling in style."

Reason 2.
Through strong company and individual staff support for bicycling, BicyclingHub.com has been able to develop a strong community of individuals as addicted to the sport as the staff who answer the phones, respond to customer emails, and lovingly ship care packages across the globe. We ride in the same brands we sell; our bike commutes into the office and adventure rides on the weekends are called "field testing."

Reason 3.

Our aggressive goals for 2011 (see above) including continued community development, mini-grants program, and sponsored rides/events ensures our goals to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ENTHUSE cyclists will be in perpetual motion.

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