13 May 2011

When People Ride Bikes, Good Things Happen

That's People for Bikes motto--and we tend to agree. Be it for fun, fitness, or transportation, life is somehow just a little bit sweeter when bikes are present. In honor of National Bike Month, they created a short film that celebrates our shared velo love, visually demonstrating not only the ways that bikes transform the lives of people who ride them, but also how they help change and beautify the communities we call home.

People For Bikes is a national movement "designed to unify all people who ride bikes to speak with one powerful voice to policymakers, media, and the public." And they're looking to know how you roll: why you ride, who you ride with, and what type of riding you do. Having a better sense of Americans' bicycling habits will enable organizers to create a stronger, more dynamic movement. Next time you have 10 minutes, take their survey on your bicycling habits and preferences and become eligible to win one of two Schwinn cruiser bikes or one of 10 prize packages, and help guide the future of bicycling advocacy and products.

And if you haven't already, sign the pledge. 200,000 individuals (the same population of Des Moines, Iowa) have pledged their support for better bicycling in America's future thus far. "Every name gets us closer to more bike lanes, paths and trails - a better world for all who ride."

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