15 June 2011

All the Retro, None of the Grouch: New Retro Image Apparel Has Arrived!

Everything Vintage is New Again!

If you're happy and you know it, ride your bike! The (mostly) smiling staff of BicyclingHub.com modeling the new men's and women's Smile Jerseys from Retro Image Apparel.

I can't tell you how pleased we are to have all your iconic favorites back in stock. With a new manufacturer for 2011, these Retro Image Apparel jerseys offer an improved fit, brighter sublimated graphics and a softer, rapid-wicking fabric.

As soon as the boxes landed in our (outstretched) arms, BicyclingHub.com staff tried on some new Retro Image Apparel jerseys vs. the old ones for comparison. Immediately noticeable was the difference in the quality of the fabric itself: possessing a softly brushed interior with an almost silky feel directly against the skin, this new Euro fabric also provides slightly more stretch than previous years and lays flatter against the torso, eliminating the awkward "bunching" effect in the stomach region.

Retro Image Apparel's new fabric also promises to be far more breathable, rapidly wicking away sweat from the body and transferring it to the surface for quick evaporation. Mesh sides with pinhole air vents pair fashion with function, and s mall details such as the double-stitching and lined backing on the zippers were also improved--and much appreciated.

A note on sizing: while not exactly the same extra snug racer cut of years prior, Retro Image Apparel Women's Jerseys still offer a tapered cut for a sleek and stylish look. At 5' 7" and medium build, I fit into the Retro Image Apparel Women's Medium, but found the sleeves to be a bit constricting on my biceps (mountain-biking, vinyasa yoga and cross-country skiing all serve to give them some extra definition) and the jersey was a tad short for me on the hip line. Because of these two factors, I opted for a size large, which gave me a little extra length in the torso I prefer. I'd recommend someone of my size and height to go up one size from their traditional American cut, or the same as their European-brand cycling clothing.

The final word from the cycling clothing experts: for a snug fit, order the same size as your American-sized garments; for a slightly more relaxed cut, we recommend ordering one size UP from your traditional American size.

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