27 October 2011

Introducing the perfect "His & Hers" long-sleeve jerseys designed to defy the elements

Castelli's Trasparente Wind Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey now available in both men's and women's versions!

Castelli Women's Trasparente - white
No longer will women have to steal their husbands' or boyfriends' long-sleeve jerseys, or purchase a men's cut and hope the difference in arm, torso and hip dimensions won't prove too cumbersome or uncomfortable to the female form. Castelli, an Italian cycling clothing manufacturer known for its superior fabrics and tailored fits, parlayed the success of last year's Trasparente Wind Jersey to create a women's specific version in a league of its own.

Castelli Men's Trasparente - white
Light, warm, comfortable and stylish, this jersey is perfect for those chilly fall and spring days that hover between 50 to 65 degrees. Windstopper fabric in the front panels prevents cold gusts from penetrating through and freezing your core, while the Warmer fabric on the back ensures high breathability. Committed to riding in and testing the same products we sell, BicyclingHub.com staff members Kevin and Melissa take the Castelli men's and women's Trasparentes out for a spin.

 MelissaMelissa says:
This jersey is my absolute favorite piece in Castelli's line. Don't think of it as a jersey--think of it as a jersey and jacket in one. With the Windproof front panel and the fleeced back, this jersey keeps you warm in the Winter and is also perfect for cool Spring and Fall riding when it's often windy. It features a flip-up collar for extra neck protection. I love the thumbloop feature on the sleeves which mean that they will never creep and leave your wrists exposed to the cold-brilliant! Well worth the investment when you consider the features and how much it will extend your wardrobe.


Castelli Women's Trasparente - Black 
Castelli Men's Trasparente - Black

Kevin says:
I had to follow Melissa’s lead and get one of these for our Autumn/Winter here in Portland. We enjoy mild Winters for the most part, certainly by comparison with some other parts of the country. On top of that, you can encounter several microclimates during one ride whether you are in the West Hills of Portland or heading into the Columbia Gorge. Okay – it has been known to rain consistently through the cooler months here in the Northwest, but we can still ride. I like my Trasparente jersey for the warmth and comfort it provides, with the jersey-like feel, lack of bulk and freedom of movement. The windproof fabric on the front does a great job of protecting my chest and core from windchill and offers a little splash resistance. If it is colder than 50 degrees out, then I usually add a layer and if the skies open, then the rain cape goes on top – but my Trasparente does get plenty of use at this time of year. 

P.S. I like those finger loops too!

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