06 October 2011

Graphics with a fashion DNA: Twin Six Continues to Fire on all Cylinders

Mark Fischer from Twin Six models their new "Speedy Bike Club" tee
and Women's Masher Jersey.
Seemingly beloved by roadies, mountain bikers, commuters, club connoisseurs, charity riders, touring adventurers and casual two-wheeled travelers alike, representatives from Twin Six have a difficult time describing their "typical" consumer. "We work a lot of local events in Minneapolis, Minnesota [where the company is based], such as the Nature Valley Grand Prix," explains Mark Fischer from their sales and marketing division. "And we get pros to moms riding around the lake with a Burley [trailer] to guys riding maybe two times a year on a hybrid who all come up and tell us how much they love our jerseys and tees."

Perhaps one of the most notable trademarks of the brand is their lack of fear in designing cycling jerseys and t-shirts that make bold statements with their designs. Part of their WEAR-TO-GO Manifesto reads, "The gear we pull on is a statement of our style, identity and self. The industry’s slow uphill grind to better graphics has turned riders into unwilling billboards, moving color explosions and unfortunate cartoon characterizations. Twin Six has seen enough."

2012 Twin Six Jerseys (left to right) include the Cat 6, Dopers Suck, and The Motor
Grille badge of a 1917 Second Series (2-25)
Packard Twin Six coupe.  Source:  
"We're all about doing our own thing," explains Fischer with a quick historical lesson. "The name Twin Six originally came from a 6 cylinder car engine invented by the Packard Brothers in the 1920's. When the concept was first introduced to larger, more established car manufacturers still using four-cylinder engines, they were dismissed. So the Packard brothers manufactured it themselves. The same attitude translated to this company."

Fischer was kind enough to take the time out his hectic schedule at Interbike to give us a preview of the Spring 2012 line, showcasing simple, clean pieces like the Motor Jersey to fashion-inspired pieces such as the Argyle Jersey and rugby-inspired Masher Jersey (available in both men's and women's versions for 2012) to big graphic hits, like the new Hellcats--guaranteed to be popular on soil, pavement and track alike.

Hellcats, you can now let them know you're coming in style! Mark Fischer from Twin Six shows us one of their new
2012 cycling jerseys, The Hellcat. 
Cyclocross fans: this one's for you.
When asked where designers get their inspiration, Fischer states everything from the colorways on a pair of old Ocean Pacific board shorts they found cleaning out the office to art, sculpture, and fashion websites like FANCY are up for grabs. In addition, T6 runs a "t-shirt of the month" contest on the 6th of every month. Designs chosen are printed in limited edition (typical 150-200) runs and typically sell out in 24 hours. Designs that particularly grab the company might get a chance to become part of that season's collection and see a larger audience.

Introducing their 2012 line-up, Twin Six speaks from a deep passion for their brand, as well as cycling in any and all forms. "Designing every collection is a labor of love…[They] are the manifestation of countless hours spent daydreaming, observing, plotting, planning, experimenting and executing. Timeless, classic, wearable fashion for cycling, designed for people who want to ride with pride."

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