08 April 2013

Sleek New Styles by Twin Six

By Sarah Esterman

The Ace by Twin Six

This season's new line of cycling jerseys by Twin Six is downright awesome. Keeping the high-quality performance value we can expect from a brand like Twin Six, the new looks feature bold vintage vibes that will definitely help you stand out from the rest.

"We're all about doing our own thing," Mark Fischer, from the sales and marketing division of Twin Six, told us in 2011, "The name Twin Six originally came from a 6 cylinder car engine invented by the Packard Brothers in the 1920's. When the concept was first introduced to larger, more established car manufacturers still using four-cylinder engines, they were dismissed. So the Packard brothers manufactured it themselves. The same attitude translated to this company."

No doubt it has. And it seems that this year's line was specially-designed for devoted cycling fans. Whether you rock the Ace, the Speedy Flanders or the Grand Prix for men or the Climber or Super Star for women, you will definitely be cycling in style.

Check out the rest of the 2013 jerseys by Twin Six below and click here for more info.

The Climber by Twin Six

The Grand Prix by Twin Six

The Speedy Flanders by Twin Six

The Super Star by Twin Six

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